Why Consider Rhetorical Analysis Example?

Why Consider Rhetorical Analysis Example?

It is not a secret that students are expected to prepare dozens of various papers during their study, and not all of them are easy. A rhetorical analysis essay is one such project. It requires not only great analyzing skills but writing skills as well. Due to the persuasive nature of this paper, you need to take a strong side of the discussed issue and develop a relevant thesis statement. If you do not know what to start with, what to include in the paper, and how to arrange all your thoughts, keep reading the article, pick up perfect rhetorical analysis examples, and do not waste time trying to impress the tutor with a stunning document. With professional tips, you will not have to waste time anymore.

Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Example

Generally, writing a rhetorical analysis essay is considered to be more complicated than other academic essays. It aims to analyze the efficiency of some rhetorical means which were used to convenience the target audience. If you have not written such an essay, then it is reasonable to consider a rhetorical analysis example. Also, do not forget about three important sections of the rhetorical essay outline: introduction, main body, conclusion. As you can see, its structure doesn’t differ from ordinary essays. Every part of rhetorical essay is written this way:

Introduction: rhetorical analysis example

How do I write a rhetorical analysis essay? You should start with an introduction. Usually, this paragraph has two goals:

  • Determine the essay target audience
  • Provide general background data about the selected text and its author

Every rhetorical analysis example starts with an opening sentence that also performs the function of a hook. It must attract the readers’ attention to the essay.

For example, you are going to write a paper about David Suzuki “The Right Stuff”, then your introduction should look like this:

“In his book, David Suzuki used an informative and entertaining style that is usually associated with another his work “The Nature of things”. The author starts with gripping speculation from “Is their life after high school?” telling that the impressions which are formed during this period of life, are more vivid than any others afterward. He stresses the significance of education at high school, and gets the readers ready for the proposal to make third education as valuable as it is possible…”.

As you can see, the introduction of the rhetorical analysis essay contains some data from the text itself and highlights applied rhetorical techniques.

Thesis statement: rhetorical analysis example

A thesis statement is the author’s stance about the original work. It acts as an argument that you should hold and prove with the help of the evidence from the original content. A thesis statement is expected to be written after analyzing such elements:

  • Diction: The writer’s choice of tone and words
  • Simile: Comparison of ideas/things
  • Imagery: Used visual descriptive language in the text

What is a rhetorical analysis example of a thesis statement? Let’s go back to “The Right Stuff”. Here a thesis statement should sound like this:

“Suzuki is quite strong at argumentation, but it doesn’t help him become with proper support if the idea that sex education is significant for high school education”.

Conclusion: rhetorical analysis example

All supported data in terms of a thesis statement is introduced in the body section. There, every point must support a thesis right where it is analyzed. Next, all paragraphs lead the target readers to a common conclusion. It is expected to state the overall verdict about the text. Let’s look at the conclusion for “The Right Stuff”:

“The main questions that are discussed in the text are the difficulty for sex education becomes a part of the curriculum and the way how the school might be stressful for the students. Even remembering that at the time of creating this work, education budgets were in better conditions than they are at the moment, he states that tutors should be more respectful of the students, and consider their interests and preferences. Anyway, the point of sexual education requires further thinking. The author needs to use stronger arguments to grab the attention of a target audience. Afterward, the readers can decide on their own if discussed ideas must be implemented at educational establishments.”

As you can see, the conclusion sums up key points and restates the thesis statement to ensure that it has been proved.

Rhetorical Analysis Example for AP Language

Crafting AP Language rhetorical analysis may turn out to be a real challenge. Hence, the drafting would be a nice idea to start with. If you do not want to waste time or effort, then look at great tips from experienced writers, and try to follow them strictly:

Catch the prompt

It is impossible to come up with an influential rhetorical paper without catching the main cue. It is significant to read and understand it in order to realize your task properly.

Mind the format

The rhetorical essay shouldn’t come only with great content; it also must be organized properly. That’s why an outline is drafted. This way, you will easily divide all information into corresponding paragraphs (introduction, body, and of course conclusion). The introductory part is expected to state the background details and present a thesis statement. Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence and help readers understand what they are going to learn right in this paragraph. Do not forget to include a deep analysis of all claims to support the topic sentence.

Involve rhetorical elements to shape argument

It is necessary to analyze these things from the content to present the essay argument:

  • Language (phrases, tone, words)
  • Structure
  • Rhetorical appeals (pathos, logos, etc.)

You can write a powerful thesis statement after analyzing these elements and other devices (diction, imagery, etc.) It will act as a good foundation for the entire paper.

Look at an extract from a good example to catch the overall idea:

“In his article, Tom Brown states that community colleges should get more praise than actually have at the moment. The author is sure that college time allows students to understand who they are and what life goals they have. He believes that young people who have coped with entry tests already show that they are great. At the same time, the community colleges welcome every student. The absence of tests is a great thing about them. In the end, Brown names community colleges as the best American institutes. The author believes that they present exclusive opportunities to the public.

Tom Brown uses different techniques in his article, including denial. He mentions another point of view and expresses a total disagreement. The author is sure that nobody has the right to comment on community colleges without getting relevant experience… “.

Example of Visual Rhetoric Analysis Essay

To begin with, a visual analysis essay identifies how images and pictures develop the messages and convenience the audience. Often, such papers are crafted for adverts as they include certain pictures to persuade target readers to act in a certain way.

You will not feel confused while crafting a visual rhetorical question if you mind a few effective tips:

  1. Look at the advert carefully, analyze it thoroughly, and identify all details, even the smallest ones.
  2. Observe the colors that are chosen for the picture to present the idea.
  3. Find out the significance of objects and colors and think why the author decided to use the following picture.
  4. Determine what you feel about the picture.
  5. Think about the imaging objective, and consider the central message.
  6. Determine the audience and how they react to the image.

Consider the passage from a visual analysis essay to see the proper approach:

“When people want to present some persuasion, they may use pictures in addition to the messages. Such an approach may help them communicate the ideas and reach the target audience quicker. The Australian Red Cross took advantage of this option and managed to inspire people for definite action.

ARCBS is a movement within the International Red Cross that is focused on providing assistance with blood and cash. The advert that they use for collecting money is a great combination of text and image. The overall vision is void and blank. Due to the absence of numerous elements and blurred background, the audience’s attention is attached to the central message of the advert.

The creators used two key elements to convey people. The first one is the words “Money is not everything” that they put above the box, and the second is a picture that is directly related to the phrase….”

Tips on Writing Rhetorical Analysis Essay

It goes without saying that writing a rhetorical analysis essay requires skills and knowledge. After practicing for a while, you will be able to present stunning papers. Following these writing tips will make your path easier:

  • Think twice before choosing a particular topic for your essay. It should be engaging enough to attract the readers’ attention.
  • Read the text attentively a few times and consider both major and minor details.
  • Determine the key features such as audience, speaker, purpose, tone, occasions, and subject.
  • Work out a thesis statement for introducing the claim for the original text.
  • Write an outline for a rhetorical analysis essay.
  • Craft an introductory part with a hook sentence and important background information. Finish it with a clear thesis statement.
  • Ensure that each body paragraph has a topic sentence. Do not forget to present a deep analysis as well.
  • To present a good conclusion, you should restate a thesis statement once again and sum up all points.
  • Read your rhetorical analysis essay a few times to check whether everything is arranged properly, and no mistakes can be found.

The Final Thoughts

A rhetorical analysis essay is one of the common papers that students will have to prepare. While being quite complicated to prepare, everybody can achieve a good result by following professional tips on how many paragraphs to include, what to mention, and by studying a rhetorical analysis example of high quality. If you still experience difficulties with the proper arrangement of all ideas into a great paper, then approaching an experienced writing service can be a great solution. Despite what option you choose, mind that a rhetorical analysis essay may greatly impact your reputation, so do your best to succeed in the long run.

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