How to write a Conclusion for an Essay

How to write a Conclusion for an Essay

Each writer has his or her own view of the most challenging part in matters concerning how to write an essay conclusion. Either they feel challenged when it comes to writing the thesis statement, while others get challenged with essay hooks. The conclusion part of an essay is very important as it gives the summary of the whole theme you were discussing within the body paragraphs and the introduction.

Conclusions are important in essays as they provide the reader with a concrete summary and highlights the key points within the context. This is a chance to give an impression to the reader and show them why the paper you wrote matters. The conclusion is a whole paragraph answering one general question, “so what?” To make it worthwhile, ensure you give the target audience something to brainstorm and find their own point of reason which concurs or is against your perspective. The conclusion should always project completeness of your written work. Employ a positive attitude and direct expression to generalize it and make it easier for the reader to understand. At this point, there is no need to introduce new ideas. Summarize your writing and ensure you write the thesis statement in the introduction of your paper, but in different words.There are several aspects that you are required to remember to ensure you come up with a captivating conclusion of the essay. Always know that a strong essay conclusion restates the thesis statement from the introduction. Keep in mind that a strong conclusion should have a minimum of three sentences. This allows you to give more information in the essay. The conclusion area should be used to conclude thoughts and not present new ideas.

The number of sentences in your conclusion should rely on the number of paragraphs you have in your essay. The first sentence should constitute of the restated thesis statement from the introduction, followed by reviewing your support ideas. This is achieved through summarizing arguments by paraphrasing the ways you used to prove your thesis. This should be covered by around two to four sentences. Your fifth sentence should link with the essay hook and form a connection between your closing statement and the opening statement. Allow the reader to be impressed within the context of writing this section and offer food for thought. Finally, make a combination of all sentences within your essay to provide an enriched and extensive conclusion. Always use transitional words to make the reader have an idea that the essay is at its final conclusion. Commonly used transitional words include “in conclusion…” “to sum up…” Instead, try using more uncommon transitional words such as “overall…” “to be brief…” or “consequently…”

How to Start a Conclusion of an Essay

Several strategies can be used to write your conclusion, to give it a more refined and appealing feeling. You can paraphrase your introduction in order to return the reader to the initial statement. This helps you to prove your point and to create a better understanding. For example:

  • Introduction
  • “From the rooftop, I could see all the skyscrapers elevated magnificently around me. To my left was the I&M towers with its blue color standing out. To my right, the KICC building stood taller than any other building in the city. As I looked down, I could see how busy the city as, cars moving everywhere, people walking in all direction, it was a sight to behold.”
  • Echo-conclusion

“I expected to stay longer looking at the horizon and the city bustling with movement and activities. It was getting late and the guard wanted to close down the area. I could see the sadness in the children’s faces as they wanted to enjoy more of the scenery the rooftop offered. Others even started crying when it was time to leave. I was content, but not satisfied as I looked forward to more action and displayed when the night came to life. At this point, I knew it would take time because my vacation in Nairobi was over. This did not deter me from smiling because, for a day, I felt relieved from all work stressors and alive again.”

  • Prediction

Give your readers food for thought by offering details that give the future reference. The use of “when” and “if” are powerful words that will support your points. For example:

“Spanking children can be effective when it comes to advocating for discipline. This, however, should be the last result of action by a parent when all the others fail.” If we want a world where our children are less violent and more mediators, we must instill these values at home to give them a sense of responsibility.”

  • Step-up

You will need to project the main point of your essay extensively, or include a different point of view to extend the set of your conclusion to a larger context. this strategy will give the readers a new outlook of aspects covered, creating a new but related meaning. For example:

“The community should promote healthy living in their life, which can be achieved through their involvement with any kind of sport. It should be a norm for everyone to try to prevent injuries and accidents. However, it is the community obligation to ensure that the sports activities that they take part in are challenging, exciting, and overall, fun.”

When writing a conclusion of an essay, be mindful of the aspects that might affect its validity and richness in relation to the context. Avoid writing a new idea in the conclusion section. These ideas should have been expressed in your body paragraphs. Stick to summarizing your thesis statement and the points of argument. Never share your personal perspective or thought unless you are writing an opinionated piece on a first-person level. Restate only the body paragraphs and the thesis statement. Avoid doing the same in each and all details. Finally, avoid the use of lousy words, rather utilize concise language when expressing the aspects needed in the context.

Essay conclusion examples

Each of the different samples below gives an outline of individual conclusion essay example

  • Argumentative Essay conclusion example (Theme: The start of civil war)

Everyone has their own opinion and stance on how the civil war influenced people’s life and its significance in America. However, we cannot bend the fact that led to the start of the war. Slavery greatly influenced it, followed by the election of President Lincoln. Until today, a difference can be seen between the south and the east as a result of the past.

  • Persuasive Essay conclusion example

For a persuasive essay conclusion, ensure that you use the same format structure utilized by other types of essays. Restate your thesis statement, restate the main ideas in each body paragraph, then finally write a long call to action.

  • Compare and contrast essay example (Theme: Starship Troopers: Book vs. Movie)

Here is a sample of a compare and contrast essay conclusion example:

“In summary, “Starship Troopers” is a great fictional novel. Its description of the future, set in captivating scenes and scenarios, tells the story of a young man who matured to realize his civic duties, the nature of the surrounding society he interacts with, and him agreeing to live in such a place within the same society the movie, on the other hand, is filled with militaristic anguish. It is based on a fictional theme focused on the atmosphere of a fascist interstellar empire known as Terran Federation. The book is more of a contemplative autobiography while the film is more of an action movie”

  • Expository Essay conclusion example (Theme: YouTube)

“Three employees of PayPal were the idealists behind YouTube, which was intended to share videos across the internet. Before YouTube came to life, people posted individual videos to websites. Creating a website that archived all videos for the whole public to easily access was a totally new idea. After its introduction, it became evident that it had gained the traction as many corporates posted their video in the platform and a million views were being counted in a matter of days or a single day. A year after its creating, Google acquired the website which is now the second-most popular website on the internet”

In summary, your essay requires the conclusion to highlight main points and offer a vivid picture and understanding of its importance. Providing a clear structure and employing a couple of strategies to work with will ensure you come out strong at the end. Do not forget to consider the audience you wish the essay to address. The conclusion is the last chance to impress your target readers and give them something to brainstorm. Summarize your work and answer the “so what?” question the target audience may have.

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