How to Write a Definitive Essay Outline by The Book

How to Write a Definitive Essay Outline by The Book

An essay is the most typical writing assignment for students. There are a huge number of essay types scholars face quite often. Some essays can be written easily, like narrative or personal essays. Other essay types like argumentative, analytical, and persuasive require more time and skills. Various articles have a different level of complexity.

The definition essay is supposed to be an easy task without any problematic angles. Still, you should know the insights of this particular essay’s writing process to succeed. Besides, it can have some unusual requirements as well. To prepare a proper essay, make sure to check the detailed guide organized by expert writers to help you with your assignment accomplishment.

Definition Essay – Description and Key Purpose

Before concentrating on your writing process, learn first what the definition essay is and its main purpose. The definition essay is one of the basic academic assignments. This essay’s purpose is to provide readers with a concise, clear, and scientifically-based definition of a certain word, concept, or phrase. The definition of an analyzed subject should always be brief. The general length of an essay covers half of the page or a single page.

Sometimes, students are assigned to prepare extended definition essays. In such a case, a writer needs to use multiple approaches to define an analyzed concept. Otherwise, he may need to use an in-depth approach to define a complex concept. The extended definition essay may require some additional pages to add to the standard full length.

Definition Essay vs. Argumentative Essay

There are certain essay types students face the most often. It includes a definition and argumentative essays. Students often write them at high school and college. In fact, scholars often think these two essay types are quite similar. While the essays have some resemblances, they remain completely different academic assignments. You should never confuse one essay for another.

An argumentative essay is focused on a single subject or topic. This is the common feature with a definitive definition essay. Still, an argumentative essay requires a strong argumentation on the topic supported by relevant evidence.  

Basic Types of Definition Essays

Once you have a plain idea of what definition essay is, be ready to write it properly. Besides, pay attention to the assigned type of definitive essay. You can deal with a variety of the mentioned essays. There are three basic categories of definition essays you can be assigned to prepare. Learn the top features of every type to have a basic understanding of how to complete each essay paper.

• Functional Definition

This definition essay type requires to outline how the assigned object or process operates. This is quite an interesting essay type. The audience mostly adores reading the functional definition essay since they can learn how something works, check its inner mechanisms, and study it in detail.

• Structural Definition

A structural definition essay’s main goal is to offer an ample look at the structure of a definite objective for an audience. It brings a need to reveal the main parts of the analyzed object. Moreover, you can deal with both material and immaterial objects. The audience must be interested in the particular definition you provide.

• Analytical Definition

This particular type of definition essay is the most difficult one. You need to look at the analyzed subject and explain it to an audience in detail. Besides, you should provide a comparison with familiar subjects and describe the connection.

How to Perform a Definition Essay Like an Expert

Once you have an idea of how to prepare a definition essay and understand its main purpose, you can start preparing an essay. You can come up with a bunch of great definition essay ideas. Still, be ready to pay attention to its main structural components first. The definitive essay outline is the basic element of a definition essay.


A definition essay requires a great outline to be started with. To provide a strong outline, you need to deal with a classic approach and assure your essay’s standard structure. In fact, you need to provide a strong introduction, interesting and subject-revealing main body paragraphs, and a good conclusion.


The introduction is an opening part of a definition essay. This is the first information the reader learns once checking your essay. Besides, it reveals the main topic in detail. Be ready to make your introduction really attention-grabbing. For this purpose, you can use some hook sentences. You need to intrigue the reader with the information you provide in the introduction.

The best way to start your essay is to include a basic definition of an analyzed concept from a dictionary. Next, you need to explain to the reader why the standard definition lacks a proper explanation and does not allow recognizing the main ideas of the concept. After, you can define it as the main reason for your investigation.

The definition essay introduction does not require a thesis statement. Still, you can end your introduction part with a strong statement of a more neutral display.

Body Paragraphs

The definition essay often cannot deal properly with a standard three-paragraph structure. This type of essay is often short thus requires less information presented in the main body paragraphs. Therefore, you can prepare a definition essay with 1, 2, or 3 main paragraphs depending on the topic.

You must reveal a detailed context of the analyzed objective in your definition essay’s body paragraphs. You should provide information on the history, the main spheres of use, and relevant sources analyzed during research work. If you provide a few definitions of the same concept, repeat these steps for every definition.


Provide a brief summary of the information you analyzed in your definition essay. You do not need to retell your introduction in the conclusions. Just add your personal point of view on the subject and make an encouraging ending. 

Great Definition Essay Topics

To prepare a good definition essay, you need to learn first how to organize your essay. You must study the basic components of a definition essay. Besides, you need to come up with a great idea for your paper. The chosen topic needs to be interesting for your target audience.

You can check the most interesting concepts to analyze in your definition essay:

  • Uniqueness;
  • Determination;
  • Social network;
  • Optimism;
  • Feebleness;
  • Independence;
  • Admiration;
  • Pressure;
  • Household.

Questions to Answer to Complete Your Definition Essay

When you have a definition essay topic chosen, pay attention to questions you should answer to finalize your paper. You must assure a flawless final definition essay’s content. Be ready to check your grammar a few times. 

The following questions will help you to finalize your essay paper:

  • Is the content of my paper relevant to the assigned definition essay topic?
  • Do I use appropriate language and tone in my essay?
  • Was I right to select the subject, and how relevant is it for my essay?
  • Have I checked all the relevant sources to prepare a decent essay? 
  • Is my prepared definition all-inclusive or needs more explanation?

Final Essay Writing Tips from Expert Writers

After you have checked the proper structure of a definition essay, find some examples online to learn how it should look like. Once you check some available samples, you can prepare a better piece of writing. In case you have no idea how to prepare a decent work, use certified online writing help. Professional online assistance can be highly beneficial for every student who struggles with a definition essay.

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