Writing A Process Analysis Essay From Scratch

Writing A Process Analysis Essay From Scratch

Writing a process analysis essay is fun when you are an expert in any subject and are keen to share your knowledge with others. In this article, you will pick up many practical techniques for writing a process analysis essay. College students or those who begin writing a blog and do not know where to start will find it useful for themselves.

Process Analysis Research Essay: Meaning, Types, Topic Selection Tips

A process analysis research paper is a typical task for students. It supposes a project description with a detailed steps explanation and the specific instructions in sequential order. There are two types of a process analysis essay:

  • Directional: it explains how to start and finish a specific task with detailed instruction of each step and answers the question «how to do something,» e.g., a cooking recipe.
  • Informational: it answers the question «how something works,» describing the procedure of the working process, e.g., how to use a smartphone.

Regardless of the type, the process description must include definitive steps. A process analysis research essay also provides an evaluation of the procedures.

Professors of educational establishments often grant the right of option to students, allowing them to choose the topic. Picking up the right one is an essential pre-stage process. First of all, it should be a subject divided into incremental steps. Also, the relevance of the topic is in value. It should be pertinent and functional to the readers.

Selecting a theme for a process analysis essay, follow these tips:

  • take a subject where you are an expert;
  • captivate the interest of the audience;
  • prepare the sources thoroughly;
  • emphasize appliance;
  • concentrate on one object of description.

Almost everything we do involves a gradual step-by-step process: from riding a bicycle to job instructions. Choose relatively complex and splittable ones. A few examples of analysis research essay topics are:

  • how to improve your school grades?
  • Ways of job selection;
  • treatment of the first COVID symptoms;
  • Gingerbread house recipe;
  • how to make a greenhouse.

A writer aims to instruct others and to guide the correct direction. Once you have determined the topic, start writing a process analysis essay outline.

A Process Analysis Essay: Structure and Writing Tips

Writing this type of essay, you need to slow down and concentrate on each step. It differs from a classical five-paragraph structure, although it contains an introduction with a thesis statement and body chapters. But the analysis replaces the conclusion, summarizing all steps included in the process. It should match the thesis statement and highlight its correctness and relevance.

Do not neglect an outline, even though it will look more like a note with bullet points. It will polish your thoughts. Let’s observe each chapter in details:

  1. Introduction. Represent the process you are going to analyze, its final goal, and its importance. If you describe a unique story, add a context.
  2. Body chapter. This part is your key success factor. Here you should provide materials, tools, or equipment related to the process. These should include each detail that takes part in the progress. A smooth flowing between steps is necessary. The process should be logical and consequential. Warn your readers about any fragile moment and possible mistakes for a successful process ending.
  3. Analysis. A brief totalizing of all paragraphs together and emphasizing the positive result of the process. Avoid retelling the text but underline that you have achieved the expected result.

Use a few handy tips when writing a process analysis essay:

  • be attentive when explaining your steps;
  • expose strong communication skills, using appropriate words;
  • maintain chronological order strictly;
  • gather many pre-steps into one paragraph, join series of slight steps into one chapter;
  • use ordinal numerals for immediate process understanding;
  • ask a friend or colleague to read your process to know how well accepted the text is;
  • mention the time spent for each step process to orient the readers.

When your process essay is ready, do not forget to check it for grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Even if your paper is super informative, errors will spoil the entire work.


Here is a shortened example of the directional process analysis essay on the topic: «Ways of coping with stress.»

Everyone knows about the damaging effect of stress on well-being, life level, and a healthy state. Stress can be bursting for emotionally fragile people, yet slight and insignificant for physically stable people. This essay exposes the ways of stress releasing for an emotionally vulnerable group of people to support themselves in hard times.

  1. Detect the triggering factors. Stop for a while and think about what irritates you, brings negative emotions, frustrates, exhausts. These are usually situations, a group of people, or a separate individual. Do your best to eliminate these factors from your life as soon as possible. Avoiding stressful factors is an efficient urgent help.
  2. Do exercise. Physically fit people have a better level of anti-stress protection. Regular exercise helps to metabolize stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), restoring the calm and relaxed state in your body and improving the quality of night rest.
  3. Eat healthily. A nutritious diet is essential for all people. During stress, the need for vitamins and minerals is very high. Tobacco, caffeine, refined sugars evoke stressful conditions. Hence, exclude these from your daily life routine.

A proper lifestyle organization returns to stable life as quickly as possible and enhances the protection level for future cases. Taking care of the body, eating habits, and healthy relationship is vital for human well-being.

Assistance of Professional Writers

It seems like a process analysis essay is one of the simplest types of paperwork. However, there are cases when people urgently need help with writing it. These can be:

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  • team leaders who educate people and need a large amount of process analysis essays for one date or period;
  • great technical specialists who know can do but can not write.

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