Exemplification essay topics and tips

Exemplification essay topics and tips

Everything that is connected with the exemplification essay makes students nervous. They are looking for professional guides or real help to finish the paper in time and do not fall into dust. The reason is simple: they have doubts because of numerous particularities of such an essay.

To reduce your worries, you have 2 ways. First of all, read more information about exemplification essay, so you can get rid of doubts. Also, try to find a good guide and templates to have a golden standard for your writing. Second of all, do not hesitate using expert help in this field. Our team works with students’ assignments and can support you in making an awesome essay. If you need urgent help, you are sure we will be useful for you.

So let’s start with finding more information about your task. Use the following examples of texts and professional instructions for wiring.

Exemplification essay examples for students

In general, the exemplification essay belongs to the classic types of academic writing. At the same time, students do not face it all the time. But professors consider this task is great to check the critical thinking, analytical skills, and ability to make fair conclusions.

Let’s see an example. For instance, you discuss the role of modern education. You aspire to prove the idea, that colleges are not relevant to the current situation in the world. That’s why you will share the statistics like ‘57% of students consider their education in college or university is useless’.

Yes, this is a fact and you make the right step in writing your exemplification essay, but this is only a half of argument. Your next move is to support your point of view, so you will add another fact like ‘43% of those students you don’t agree with useless of their education also have doubts. They study mostly because their parents made them do it or society requires them having a diploma to get a job’. Such a chain of arguments will support your experience and make the paper to be a real exemplification essay.

If you only mention several arguments which are not going with each other, then this paper couldn’t be called an ‘exemplification essay.’ So it’s better to spend more time and create great paper, than hurry up and get troubles in the nearest future.

What is an exemplification essay

An exemplification essay is concerned about the disputable topic and its research from two different sides. It means that the writer must use a neutral tone of voice and share truthful information about the subject. So only the logical and objective approach in making such investigation is allowed. That’s why you need to choose good methods to collect arguments even though this task doesn’t require writing additional methodology section.

If you haven’t faced with exemplification essay definition before, you can imagine a traditional informative article on the Web. Usually, journalists have a task to highlight a topic based on several opposite materials, so readers can make their conclusions. Such a method is also popular among movie makers and book writers, who prefer the open finale, so the viewer can think about it in his own manner.

The name of the essay sounds quite strange and makes an impression of a hard task and almost impossible mission. This is an aberration, so don’t be misunderstood. If we can compare this paper to any other academic writing example, then it may be a combination of argumentative and illustration essays. Let us explain.

An exemplification essay means the author to use arguments about his topic and support his own writing with examples. The key of your paper is an example for each argument, so the text will assure readers and do not leave the space for misunderstanding. Most students feel troubles with using additional samples, so have a hard time with writing. So usually everyone writes the first argument but forgets about the second one. Anyway if you delete the requirement to use examples, then this paper will have no reasons to be called exemplification essay. So to be a successful author, you should follow all the rules.

How to write a professional exemplification essay

Writing exemplification essay means keeping all requirements in your task assignment. First of all, remember the main aim of this paper. You should use relevant disputable topic and make research from two different sides. So preparation for writing starts with choosing the topic and collecting arguments. You may cite different primary and secondary sources to support your thesis statements in the text.

Also, the author must write an essay according to the well-known structure. It doesn’t have any special elements but proposes writers to make an introduction, body, and conclusion. If you use the exemplification essay example, you will see it has the simplest structure without any particularities. It means that the content is more important than general formatting.

The exemplification essay definition doesn’t explain the particularities of this task, but it has its key elements. Such things will help the author to write a great paper with our without great experience in academic writing. So here are these main elements:

  • explain your topic in and its background the first paragraph;
  • share 2 contradicting points of view in the main part with additional arguments and examples;
  • make a conclusion according to your topic and goals.

Additional advice: usually this paper doesn’t mean for an author to use his own point of view, but sometimes the task assignment has additional requirements or allow such an option. So check the task twice to understand all its particularities.

The writing style and other paper particularities usually depend on your college preferences. You can use APA, MLA, Harvard, or another relevant way to format an essay. Such freedom will be a benefit for students who are keen on using their writing talent.

But the opposite idea belongs to using a creative approach. There is no strict rule, which restricts creative thinking and literature tools. But everything depends on the type of topic. If you have got a serious task, then an official tone without humor will suit the best. In case you are working with an entertainment subject, your creative ideas can improve your exemplification essay very much.

Topics for exemplification essay

The topic is only one part in successful exemplification essay, but it means so much. The good choice will help the writer to make his paper high-quality and reach good results, while the wrong choice can reduce your chances for success to 1%. Hardly excellent content without any mistake will impress readers if it is concerned on unbelievable silly, boring, and poor topic. So think twice and choose a nice topic, which will be relevant to your subject and personal interests.

So here are exciting and proper exemplification essay topics for college students:

  1. Can the Internet destroy the television as a communication channel?
  2. Do you agree that sex education must be included in the elementary school program?
  3. Can freelance increase the pleasure from work?
  4. Does 6-hour workday make people work more productive?
  5. Does the teamwork mean the ability to collect more creative ideas?
  6. Can book reading culture be destroyed because of cinema popularity?
  7. Can the growth of immigrants cause the unemployment disaster?
  8. Can hack attacks allow third person stealing your personal data and banking account?
  9. Does global warmth cause irreversible consequences in business?
  10. Does the concept ‘Internet of things’ can change the global marketing strategy?
  11. Does positive thinking can improve the quality of our life?
  12. Is it possible to write a book without experience in writing texts?
  13. Can you avoid eating meat and stay absolutely healthy?
  14. Do social media networks cause envy and anxiety in society?
  15. Is it possible to live without going for sport?
  16. Does every person have an instinct of self-preservation?
  17. Is online shopping easier and less stressful than traditional shopping in stores?
  18. Can we avoid cancer and other diseases by eating healthy food?
  19. Is it possible to prohibit families from having more than one child to reduce the overflow of urban population?
  20. Is it possible to reduce weight without sport exercises?

Anyway this exemplification essay topics list is good for students, so the choice depends only on your college requirements and personal goals. Try to separate time in your schedule and do not hurry up with the choice. If you require help, ask someone else for support. It could be your professor or online writing support. Be sure, that our team can give you professional advice and help with writing exemplification essay thesis.

Tips in making the best exemplification essay

Our experienced authors prepared a short checklist for new authors to help them improve their exemplification essay writing. So use these additional tips to make brilliant content with proper formatting:

  • you should be really curious about the topic and put real efforts to investigate the subject with different arguments;
  • writing this kind of essay doesn’t mean to find out a solution or judge other points of view, so keep the neutral tone of voice;
  • don’t pay attention to your personality and personal experience in this topic, but add current researches and well-known facts as supporting materials;
  • choose the topic, which has opposite arguments but not only extremely ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers;
  • make paper exciting and informative, but do not take it to far with creativity and unusual methods in sharing your arguments, because the balance is valued here the most.

So if you require writing an exemplification essay, you need to prepare yourself for unusual work. The preparation stage will take much more time, than the process of writing. Besides easy structure and simple examples of such papers may lead student up to the garden, that there is nothing hard to do. If you are experienced enough in academic tasks, then you have good benefits comparing to newbies.

In any case, don’t give up with the desire to make brilliant paper and impress a professor. It is possible if you put all the efforts and have enough time for writing. There is no special list of requirements or other aggravating circumstances for a writer. And of course, don’t forget about our writing platform that can support you with your exemplification essay no matter the topic and deadline.

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