Homelessness Essay Cause and Effect

Homelessness Essay Cause and Effect

Firstly, you should clearly understand what is an informative essay about. The problem of Homelessness has greatly inconvenienced individuals all over the world. Even in the U.S., the citizens deal with this predicament. For this reason, there are topics such as homelessness in America essay. The desire to assist homeless persons, however, is overridden due to unavailability of resources to help in the process. These are some of the aspects that you may include while writing a homelessness essay introduction.

People are bound to become homeless due to various reasons. While writing a homelessness essay, you should focus on the following causes:

  • Exposure to natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, tsunamis et al.
  • Eviction- this may happen when one is told to leave the residence by a landlord, spouse, family or friend.
  • Unemployment – without a job, individuals are incapable of paying their rent.
  • When you are writing a homelessness essay thesis, some of the effects of homelessness include:
  • Health problems – when homeless individuals are exposed to the night cold, for example, they are bound to struggle with respiration issues.
  • Mental Instability- the trauma of living on the streets catches up with these homeless persons, causing depression and mental complications.
  • Exposure to different forms of abuse – homeless individuals may be physically or sexually abused. They are unable to protect themselves from danger.

How to Write a Great Essay on Homelessness

You should display an organized structure while writing the essay on homelessness. These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Have an introduction/opening where you give the audience a background on the topic of homelessness. At this point, you should also have your thesis statement in the last line of the first paragraph.
  2. The paragraph that follows is a transition from the introduction to the body of the essay.
  3. You should continue to write fleshy body paragraphs to support your arguments. Writing the causes of homelessness essay involves a build-up of related content.
  4. If it is an argumentative essay on homelessness, you should include counterarguments to support your further point.
  5. Have a conclusion that offers a summary, a reinstatement of the thesis and details the necessity of writing a homelessness essay.
  6. Finally, create either a References or Works Cited Page, and list all the sources used in the essay.

We will also offer a list of some of the best thematic concerns while writing a paper on homelessness:

  • Carry out research on the forms of mental illness that may affect homeless persons
  • You could talk about child services and whether they should adopt homeless children
  • You may write about government programs that assist homeless persons
  • Detail a study on whether homelessness is a state or personal predicament
  • Whether drug testing is important before housing any homeless individuals

Importantly, you should also strive to maintain objectivity while writing the homelessness essay. Do not include any matters of religion or morals. The essay also requires that you include any counterarguments for persuasion. You should not include any form of speculations rather, focus on incorporating factual information. Finally, ensure that you’re passionate about the subject for productive results.

The article offers guidelines and tips for writing the homelessness essay. We have also included a sample paper on homelessness to give you a clearer picture. Don’t copy the wording and content. Simply acquire ideas on the ways of writing your homelessness essay. You should understand the context of the essay as this will ease the process of writing the thesis and overall essay.

Paper on Homelessness

“Homelessness is a crisis in many nations. Despite the response by the governments and state to resolve the problem, there still exists a gap in the resolution of the problem. The problem of homelessness exists in every society. The rise of the problem is linked with particular causes such as problems in relationships, eviction, and property destruction and unemployment. Despite there being an apparent change in lifestyle resulting from the problem, there are a variety of health concerns associated with the situation that could result in death. Understanding poverty goes well beyond the narrow view to identify it as a continuum of vulnerability. As a human rights issue, the fundamental principles of human rights are interdependent. However, homelessness as a topic does not exist in isolation. There are sub-issues associated with it. Technological and economic changes have caused an upheaval in governance with modifications affecting intergovernmental relations, relations between government agencies and interactions between private enterprise and state and civil society. Power relations that influence the implementation of social policy and distribution of information from federalism, public opinion, participation, and voting power influence the issue of homelessness.

Federalism is a structure of governance that partitions control between at least two levels of government. During the modern political atmosphere in the United States, power has moved progressively from the government to states, a move that has suggestions for the accomplishment of social equity. Therefore, it is presently essential for social workers to take part in political movement at the state and neighborhood levels, notwithstanding the government level, to advance social equity. In principle, the democrats support decentralizing force since it conveys government nearer to the general population and grants more prominent subject investment in legislative issues as opposed to republicans. Practically, decentralization can be risky, as shown by the issue of the destitute. As vagrancy spread in the 1980s, the obligation to adapt to it was shifted to municipal governments.

Focusing on federalism as an issue of power relations, you need to understand that it exists in three political realities. The first reality is that the national government’s power, while it stays genuine and essential, has declined perceptibly, especially in governments’ capacity to control and secure social welfare. Stringency in budget development, organized agreements for free trade and increased conditions in world markets have persuaded governments that despite liberal, social-democratic or conservative, that it is a catalyst for them to lower limitations to exchange and reduce upper-income and corporate tax rates, social projects and supports for development within a particular region. This issue gives way to the second reality. In the developing globalized world, local groups have less protection offered by the national government from the results of the economic competition and more averse to profit by government aid than it was the situation in the 70s and earlier. Subsequently, the third new reality is that local groups—which means districts of all sizes and metropolitan areas—have been tossed like never before upon their resources. It has become the norm for each region or metropolitan area to create its strategies for economic development and establish departments or organizations to actualize it.”

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