130 Funny Satire Topics for Your Essay

130 Funny Satire Topics for Your Essay

During your academic life, you get hundreds of writing assignments, such as essays, research papers, articles, etc. It requires your special skills and efforts, as together with exploring many fascinating themes, you also have to be good at various writing styles. 

If there are humane sciences or English among your subjects, it means you are going to write an essay on a satirical topic someday. And those who have already dealt with satirical essays know how challenging this task may be. The fact that you are reading these words means you agree with them, and you could use some help from professional writers. The good news is, you’ve found our service, so be sure to get real help. 

Defining a Satire Essay

Before writing a satire essay, it makes sense to understand well what kind of essay it is. So, a satire essay (or satirical essay) is a type of writing where a topic is analyzed and covered through humor. For this writing style, you have to mock a subject, using exaggeration and other means, which make facts and community laws sound funny for the readers.

Satire essays are entertaining both to read and write. Your task is to provide your audience with facts and views on the subject. And it means that your opinion matters here. You have to share your own viewpoints regarding the topic; that’s why such an assignment makes you think and stimulates your mind.

For example, in a satire essay, you can write in a serious tone about space lizards, who came to our planet to enslave people with the shadow government’s help. You can describe the view of the life of those people, who believe in this theory, explain their tries to find the truth, and at the same time mention the contradictions in those theories, as well as the solutions they provide to explain such inconsistencies.

Tips for Writing a Satire Essay Efficiently

We know that you’ve come to our website to learn how to write satire essays and find good satire essay topics. So, look no further. First, we will demonstrate to you some important strategies to master this kind of essay. And after that, you will go through 150 good satire topics, which we’ve prepared. 

  • Find or think of a Satire Topic for your Essay

To work on your satire essay, primarily you need to select a topic for it. It is not a fast process, so take a minute to think of it. The main thing is to choose the topic you both are eager about and well aware of in order to compose a really good work, where you can freely express your opinion and analyze it in a humorous way. By the way, it is fun, indeed, to write about the things you understand and care about. For instance, your essay can be about the latest news that spread like the measles and concern many people, so that your readers can feel it deeply

  • Choose from Funny Satire Topics

When choosing a topic for your satire essay, it’s essential to keep in mind that the subject should be fun indeed. It will be hard to cover a topic with no humorous elements to make a mockery of. So, decide what aspects of your topic can be presented in a funny and interesting way, define for yourself what is ironic about it, so your readers can enjoy reading your work. If you do so, the writing process will bring you lots of positive emotions too.

For writing on a funny satire topic, you can even look for ideas among serious and burning themes for the society, employing elements of satire to make it sound humorous. For example, you can play with the context, make exaggerations, contrast elements, etc., in such significant matters as social trends, human nature, and so on.

  • Take into Account who Your Audience are

An important point to consider before you embark on writing your satire essay is who your readers will be. This will determine what language and tone to use. For instance, if your target audience is your student peers, the writing may contain fewer formalities than in the case with the audience represented by professors or other educational workers. However, don’t forget that if your language varies depending on the readers, the outline and quality of arguments should remain the same. 

  • Employ 4 Main Types of Satire

A good satire essay must include at least some of the essential elements of satire: hyperbole, reversal, incongruity, or parody. For instance, by using hyperbole (exaggeration), you create humor, which readers don’t take literally, but it serves to overstate a point and, thus, puts more emphasis on it. So, if you say: ”That man is as tall as a tower”, nobody will think it’s true, but you will convey the message that a person is considerably high. This and other types of figurative language can help you make a satire essay interesting to read and fun to write.

  • Make Use of Sarcasm

Sarcasm is also worth attention when you write a satire essay. This tool is both effective to convey your viewpoint to the readers vividly and to entertain them. Using language, which is converse to what you really want to say, can help you to make fun of the situation.

However, keep in mind that you need to use only intelligent humor for a good satire essay. Together with that, rich vocabulary or imitation of the formal style, which is used in newspapers, can create a counterpoint with a funny tone. As a result, the main goal of your writing will be reached.

  • Amuse Yourself

Try to remember that your assignment is, first of all, fun. And even though it might be difficult to come up with a good satire topic and present your ideas in the beginning, after all, you will be rewarded by the result. For that, you should choose the topic, which is primarily interesting for you. So, don’t hurry and have the satisfaction of the process.

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Catchy Satire Topics for College Essays

Are you beating your head against a wall in search of good ideas for funny satire topics? It is no wonder that you are, as it is not easy to come up with a relevant topic on the spot. For this reason, we’ve prepared several categories with topic ideas to encourage you and stimulate your thinking.

Historic Events

· Impacts of historic events on our present life.

· What would be life today if another party had gained the victory during World War II.

· Modern implementation of slavery: Low wages and poor work conditions.

· The Berlin Wall as the monument to remember.

· Why did Henry VIII get married six times? 

· Relationship between Hitler and Mussolini.

· Childhood of Adolf Hitler, and what made him a dictator.

· The best Presidents in world history.

· Countries with monarchical power: The role of royals nowadays.

· The biggest battles in history.

Political Science

· Reasons and outcomes of Brexit?

· Quarantine and politics: Conspiracy theories.

· How to deal with illegal immigration?

· Immigrants from Mexico in the United States of America.

· Is it possible for two superstates to find common ground?

· Consequences of restricting abortion in Poland?

· Firearms license as a rising problem?

· The most known jailbreaks in history.

· Presidents who experienced impeachment.

· What age is reasonable for voting?

Sport and Athletes

· Why do they play with an oval ball in American football?

· Legendary hockey players.

· History of the Olympic games.

· Most strange kinds of sport.

· Most dangerous sports.

· The richest people among sportsmen.

· What happens to sports players after they retire?

· Most common athletic injuries?

· Weightlifting and its impacts on health.

· Why Americans don’t play soccer?

Social Matters

· Religious sects are dangerous for teenagers.

· Vegans vs Vegetarians.

· Obesity epidemic in the USA?

· Should all pills be sold on open access?

· Cyberbullying as a new trend in XXI.

· Legalisation of medical marijuana.

· Euthanasia or endless sufferings.

· Sexual identity: Should we protect our children?

· Animal experiments before vaccinating people.

· Is poverty a free choice for some people?

Romantic Issues

· Does love really live for 3 years?

· How to be sure that you’ve met the right person.

· Pieces of advice for your first date.

· How to differentiate love from passion?

· How to steer clear of pickup.

· Is love more important than friendship?

· Why do partners often cheat on each other with their best friends?

· Is love a sense of living?

· Can the young love last forever?

· Is it possible to love not only one person?

Marriage & Wedding

· Is marriage outdated?

· How people change in the course of their marriage.

· Should unisex marriage be banned?

· Why do brides wear white dresses?

· How much does it cost to organize an average wedding?

· Is it possible to do without a wedding planner?

· Why people make wows to get married.

· Why are some people afraid of marriage?

· The best places for a wedding ceremony.

· Why people conclude marital agreements.

Environmental Issues

· Global Warming remains in place.

· Outcomes of ruining the ozone layer.

· Saving the environment with car prohibition.

· Does recycling really matter on a global scale?

· Alternative Energy sources.

· How to make pandas breed more often.

· Extinction of rare species.

· Water pollution in Kamchatka: is it dangerous only for sea animals?

· What’s happening to the climate?

· How we can eliminate pollution together.

Business relations

· Friend at court is better than a penny in a purse.

· Is it really better to conduct your own business?

· Advantages of a virtual assistant?

· There is big money in business.

· Are the customers always right?

· Does running a business always mean risking?

· Business coaches who speak sense. 

· How to find the right people to run your business.

· Successful business through the path of least resistance.

· Most profitable businesses nowadays.

IT Sphere

· Will robots substitute us in the future in the service sector?

· Which mobile applications we use most frequently during the day.

· Can we live a single day without using a mobile phone?

· Information technology 10 years ago and now.

· Most known hacker attacks in history.

· Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi in the streets or hotels?

· Web cameras as a tracking tool.

· Is the Cloud limitless: What will happen next?

· Future IT trends: Should we worry?

· Are mobile phones displacing computers?

Funny Satire Topics

· Toys, which all kids have.

· Phrases, which mean the contrary when we speak to our partners. 

· The best ways to break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

· Food that makes you feel happy and why.

· Like a father, like a son, or why do we copy our parents eventually.

· Why do men suit up quicker than women?

· Why do headphones end up tied up in knots?

· Being fashionably late and other good excuses.

· Why are snails gourmet foods?

· A hotdog or a hamburger?

School Life

· What will happen if you don’t graduate from school?

· Further life of honor pupils: Is it worth it?

· Instruction courses as an alternative to a college education.

· How you can fail your exams.

· Hockey players and possible outcomes for their future careers. 

· Skills you never gain in school.

· Pros and Cons of school uniforms.

· Efficient educational games during the lessons?

· Pieces of advice to succeed in education and have time for social life.

· School celebrities: how to climb the social pyramid at school.

Media World

· Where does the liberty of speech lead to jail?

· Living online is a modern trend.

· Positive and negative sides of censorship?

· What kinds of press one shouldn’t believe?

· Celebrities who prefer privacy: Outcomes of being on the sidelines?

· How has our thinking changed with the aid of media trends?

· What is the purpose of fake news?

· Who buys printed media and why?

· Television commercial or social media ads: Which one is more effective nowadays?

· Celebrity kids: Success from childhood or ruined life? 


· Is it so important to earn a lot of money?

· Work hard, go all lengths.

· Working methods for saving up

· Shopping vs Massage: Which one is more effective?

· Ways to save up for a house of your dream.

· To save up money, you need to learn how to spend them first. 

· Things people cannot buy with money.

· Meaning of money throughout centuries.

· Love makes a cottage a castle or not?

· A good thing about hitting rock bottom, it that you have only one way – up.


Composing satire essays is sometimes great fun, which can bring you satisfaction as you go along. However, it can be difficult too. If you are sweating over an essay to make it worthy of an A, our writing service is right here to help you. You can order an essay from us, and we will help you to cover any satire topic you choose. Don’t worry about the timeframes, and we always deliver assignments on time. 

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