How to Start an Informative Essay – Tips and Guides

How to Start an Informative Essay – Tips and Guides

If you have an informative essay to prepare, we are ready to offer you a useful guide on how to complete a decent essay. It can be less difficult to prepare an informative essay than to complete other types of essay papers. Often, students deal with lots of requirements when performing an assignment. The format and purpose of an essay can be quite understandable, while other requirements can be bizarre. We can help you to figure out what features of your paper to focus on. Besides, you will learn how to complete a great informative essay without difficulty.

Informative Essay – Definition and Core Purpose

An informative essay is a multipart school paper that requires informing the readers about a certain issue. The analyzed issue of the paper can be an objective, an individual, an occasion, or a phenomenon. The nature of the issue must be explained properly by using facts and figures. Mostly, the writers notify the readers about a certain issue they had no idea about. The purpose of an informative paper is a need to educate the readers and increase their perception of the analyzed issue. It is an important matter since, in your work, you reveal critical facts on the topic. You do not need to confuse this essay with other essay types, like an expository essay, for instance. Even with lots of similarities between the two types of essays, there is one huge difference. An informative type reveals the information on a topic, whereas an expository paper exposes an argument’s side. 

How to Prepare an Informative Essay Correctly

We have defined an informative essay by now, but it is not always enough to complete a decent paper. You may need some additional tips to come up with the right ideas on how to prepare an informative essay correctly:

  • When you decide on a proper topic, never select either a broad or narrow subject to analyze. When choosing too broad topics, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of information to analyze. Once dealing with a narrow subject, you may simply lack relevant information to include in your essay.
  • Make sure to check some good examples of an informative essay before starting to write it yourself. It will help you to figure out the proper format of your essay and the best way to organize its elements.
  • Focus on the thesis statement when starting your paper. This is one of the utmost significant parts of your thesis. Besides, it should present the main points of your paper. Therefore, a thesis statement must be memorable and strong.
  • Check and analyze all the available relevant sources and materials. Use both physical and online to learn the background of your topic. Sure, you are not obliged to include all of them in your article and a reference list. Still, it will be very valuable for you to get a simple understanding of your theme.
  • Write a draft first. After, make sure to prepare original and flawless content. Besides, check whether you answered all the questions on the topic in your paper or need more work.

Informative Essay Outline

If you have already completed a wide variety of essay papers, you have some basic knowledge of how to prepare a standard essay. You surely know that a good essay requires an outline. The outline will work as a great writing plan for your informative essay. If you want to learn how to start an informative essay, be sure, it always requires an outline. In this particular case, a traditional 5-paragraph outline should include the following parts:

  • Introduction;
  • First body paragraph;
  • Second body paragraph;
  • Third body paragraph;
  • Conclusion.

Once you are familiar with an idea of how to start an informative essay properly, check the details of the essay structure. Follow your writing plan to complete a good final paper.


To write a strong informative essay, you need to start it with a breaking introduction. You must encourage an audience to read your article. Use any tricks you know to perform a strong introduction part. Be ready to add some hook sentences to your introduction. Use statistics, interesting facts, provocative questions, or anecdotes as hook sentences. Make sure the sentences you choose are relevant to the topic you reveal in your paper. Once you have attracted your readers’ attention, explain why you have chosen the exact topic. Outline the benefits of the topic discovery for readers and other researchers. Write down a thesis statement at the end of an introduction. You define the main problem of your essay in the introduction part and refer to its disclosure in the next parts.

 Body Paragraphs

If you struggle to figure out how to start an informative essay, be ready to pay some attention. An informative essay requires a traditional structure with three main body paragraphs. Sure, you can add or omit some paragraphs depending on the complexity of your topic. You must remember that each paragraph of your essay refers to a separate main point. You need to include shorter sub-points in every paragraph. To make your informative essay credible and valuable, be ready to provide supportive evidence. You can use statistics, research results, or other findings to support your main points. Make sure to use only relevant evidence and sources. The experts recommend using transitional words to connect various parts of your essay. This is the best way to complete good content.


The conclusion is the final part of an informative essay. It is a brief summary of your key points and findings. You need to recall a thesis statement and define the solutions. There is no essential request to include any fresh information or make it too long. It should contain only brief and precise pieces of information. Besides, make sure to end it with a strong final sentence to further discover the topic.

Good Informative Essay Topics

One of the maximum complicated parts of informative essay completion is to come up with a great topic. This is a great challenge to offer an excellent informative essay topic. Besides, there are too many topics you can write about, and you need to select the most interesting one. This should be a topic interesting for both a writer and an audience.

You can get a given topic for your article. Still, if you need to select one on your own, make sure to check the list of strong informative essay topics below.

Informative Essay Topics for High School

  • Explain the meaning of a certain historical event;
  • Describe the most exciting tradition;
  • The celebrity you always admired;
  • The gun control debate explanation;
  • The role of rock music in modern culture;
  • Nuclear energy in the modern era;
  • The rapid change in technologies;
  • The biggest disadvantages of growing up poor;
  • The role of university education in a career;
  • The most original music event in the world;

Informative Essay Topics for College

  • The biggest legacy of the ancient world;
  • The effects of censorship on social media;
  • The most hated US president;
  • The costs of illegal immigration for the USA;
  • The reasons for veganism popularity;
  • The current state of women rights in the world;
  • The current changes in existing voting rules;
  • The importance of recycling for the environment;
  • The most inspiring fictional character;
  • The way the UK parliament operates.

Informative Essay Guidelines

You are already familiar with the best ideas on how to start an informative essay and to complete good content eventually. Still, you may need some tips on the writing process. Make sure to submit the only flawless and original paper. Use only relevant and up-to-date sources. Besides, use a certified online writing help if the writing process becomes a real nightmare. The expert assistance always brings excellent papers delivered timely.


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