Causes of the Great Depression Essay

Causes of the Great Depression Essay

The great depression essay paper is a description of the catastrophic economic downfall that occurred in both the world and mainly on the American economy. Many students feel challenged by this type of essay. But by following the required procedures and guidelines, it is very easy to excel in writing this type of essay. Understanding that the great depression essay is based on historical events and factual data should be enough for the student to conduct research. This is vital in ensuring they are familiar with the story and can support each argument they put across.

When writing an essay on the great depression, each argument that you express should be supported by real proofs or statistical data. For instance, when you are writing about the day of the stock crash, famously known as “Black Tuesday,” support your argument with facts such as the implications brought to those who had invested money in stocks. Follow it through with supporting sentences such as the catastrophes that followed thereafter like the downfall of banks. Also, add more information to make your work standout based on the rationality of your data, and the information supporting it. For example, talk about the contribution of the policy introduced in 1930, in propelling the great depression. Expound on how the tariff introduced imposed an increase in tax which made many people suffer. The great depression essay will only be logical to the reader if examples provided are factual and in line with the real-life truth of the context. Prudence should be conveyed when writing an essay about the great depression. Without the necessary support provided for the written statements, the work loses its meaning to the reader, as well as interest.

Causes and effects of the Great Depression essay

When describing the cause and effects of the great depression, your focus should be on the trigger events that led to this phenomenon. Talk about the five main causes that led to the great depression. The first one was the stock market crash of October 29th, 1929. Another cause was the purchase reduction that made investments and savings reduce, which led to a decrease in consumer demand. Include the high tariff taxes introduced on imported goods, which made the world trade fall off. Relating to the effects it brought, discuss how the American and European markets suffered the most, while Latin American countries had minimal distress. Explain further on the severity where from small to big enterprises, farmers to people in business, all suffered the same crisis that triggered low consumer demand.

Coming up with a first-class great depression essay requires the writer to employ the four-step writing procedure.

Crafting a Framework by Brainstorming

When writing on what caused the great depression essay, consider writing down your ideas on a piece of paper. These ideas should relate to your topic of discussion. Through this, you can make space for the creation of more ideas that you can use in writing your essay. After writing them down, organize them in order by using the template outline. This will allow the work to have a logical flow of ideas. The introduction should be the start of your essay and the conclusion at the end. The body paragraphs include all points of arguments that relate to your topic of discussion. Each point of view presented should have an argument backup which gives point of reason and sense to the point presented. The body section is crucial to the essay as it is the point of explanation and discussion of your essay. Without it, the work will lack direction and meaning altogether. To provide a deeper meaning to your essay, elaboration is vital as it ensures the reader understands your point of view so that he or she can base their own arguments with, or against it.

    • The Introduction

The introduction is concerned with two main aspects. The first is the thesis statement, which gives an overview of your points of argument about the topic in summary form. The second is the hook, which is intended to capture the reader’s attention and create an impression that the reader will see fit to continue reading the essay.

    • Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are located between the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs is based on the extent the essay will go in the description of the writer’s arguments. Before starting to work on your paragraphs, an outline is required to ensure your work is well arranged to allow a logical flow of ideas. The subjects of the framework should include any aspect that has a strong effect on the work in progress. You can search the internet for the guidance templates, or develop your own. Outlines are of great importance as they help the writer logically organize their thoughts to come up with a masterpiece of the intended written work. Each body paragraph should represent a point of argument or idea, supported by factual data that relates to your topic. Each word laid down in the paragraphs should have meaning and relevance to the topic of discussion. Avoid starting a paragraph with an unfinished argument from the previous paragraph.

    • The Conclusion Segment

After arguments have been made and ideas expressed, a conclusion is needed to sum up the work you embarked on. It should begin with a restated version of your thesis statement in the introduction section. Restating it is prudent as it will help prevent a repetition of words. This section involves a brief, but the precise account of the whole essay content argued which is projected to provide food for thought to the reader. The reader should be convinced and confident with your points of argument, with all factual data presented correctly upon further research. Remember to use the thesis statement and the body paragraphs as your source of information for the conclusion.

In order to make the structure of your essay have a logical flow of ideas, a reliable format template is required. A catchy and interesting topic should be made by writers as they brainstorm the theme of the essay required. Utilize a hook phrase to make it more interesting and give the reader an impression that will excite and prompt the reading of the whole essay. The subject matter you plan on utilizing should also be stimulating enough for the reader, to engage the target audience throughout the reading process. The sources you plan to use must be trustworthy, and have a central focus on your theme. Detailed research is vital before writing down your draft. For assistance, create an outline template that will be the prop of all the content you plan to write. For all argumentative points, support them with reliable evidence to give your work meaning and a sense of direction. After creating your draft, read it through and edit any grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. Any source used should be cited, from the in-text citation to the reference written on the last page.

There are several great depression essay questions that one can get through research. You are however free to define and use an original topic. Several themes that describe segments of the great depression can be beneficial in determining a topic of discussion from your essay. When planning to write a great depression thematic essay, research on the themes that describe the great depression. The themes are grouped to either macroeconomic money supply effects such as production, and consumption and structural themes. Consumption and structural themes include; under consumption, overinvestment and institutional economics. Each listed theme above can bring out argumentative points, which will help write a great depression thematic essay.

With concern for the thematic essay, the writer is supposed to explore the central theme that will be focused on. Numerous strategies can be used to ensure you identify the right theme that will be pertinent when writing your great depression thematic essay. Examples of these guidelines may include; a summative context of the literature to remain with requisite points that fit your requirements. After this, identify and choose the most predominant subject relating the theme of your work. After identifying the most desirable subject for your theme, focus on the main point that needs to be appropriately addressed. Lastly state a general overview that will help the reader understand the direction of the narrative, as well as realize your thought process and point of view.

Below is an outline template sample that can be used to structure the great depression essay. Your format template should be in line with the following format:

    • Introduction

Use factual evidence based on the great depression to express yourself to the target audience. They should explain the underlying, immediate and intermediate causes of the great depression. The narrative to be adapted should be interesting to the reader. The thesis statement should be also included in this section, and it should talk about arguments related to the topic of discussion and be interesting enough to impress and excite the reader.

    • Second Paragraph

As part of the body paragraph, it should consist of an argumentative point which has enough support and factual data to back up its authenticity. It should be followed by an example which is factual to the great depression essay narrative. Lastly, the debate on the importance of this example should be done.

    • Third Paragraph

As the second part of the body paragraph, it should be made of a challenging point with enough sustenance and factual data to back up its validity. It should be followed by an example which is accurate in relation to the great depression essay narrative. Lastly, the debate on the importance of this example should be done.

    • Fourth Paragraph

As the third part of the body paragraph, it should also constitute a stimulating, argumentative point with enough statistical and factual data to back up its rationality. An example should ensue upon each argument, and should specifically relate to the great depression essay. Lastly, a discussion of the importance of this example should be done.

    • Conclusion

The conclusion is a very crucial part of an essay as it summarizes the thesis statement and points of the argument laid down by the writer. It should begin with a reaffirmed thesis statement that was defined in the introduction. It should give a summary of the points of argument. The general summary should give out a summative work of the body paragraphs and recognizing each point of argument. This will give the reader some food for thought.

Example of a great depression essay

“The great depression is globally known as one of the most catastrophic economic downfalls that occurred in both the world and American history. This phenomenon destroyed the economy, led to the market crash, and high unemployment rate, living millions of American people without jobs. This period can also be remembered with the crashing of stock markets, which negatively impacted all facets of the economy. This led to the depletion of money reserves and depreciation of money value, product and services prices increased, with several banks, and companies were going bankrupt.

The long-lasting effects of this period were characterized by loss of hope in growth, prosperity, and need for wealth. This period occurred from 1929-1939 and was recorded as one of the longest period of depression that the western world has ever experienced until today. The effects were felt all around the world, as there was a steep decline in production and consumer use of products, leading to a decrease in the distribution of product volumes.

This essay on the great depression discusses five major causes of the great depression. The first was the October 29th, 1929 crash of the stock market which is generally known as “Black Tuesday.” This was followed by the downfall of banks months later. About 700 banks closed shop due to the effect of the stock market crash, with a sum total of 3,000 banks taking a dive by 1930. So many people lost their money, as shock engulfed the whole society, with others starting to doubt the safety of their cash leading to quick withdrawal. Most of the banks were affected by this move and it dragged them down to closure.

Another major cause of great depression was the purchase reduction that made investments and savings reduce which led to a decrease in consumer demand. This turn of events led to production company workers being laid off, as their companies sought to cut their losses. The economy policy passed by the Congress in 1930, which introduced a tariff act that imposed high taxes on foreign investments greatly contributed to the great depression. Due to the high tariff taxes introduced on imported goods, world trade fell off. Things changed for the better when President Franklin Roosevelt, together with his congress passed a new law that enabled the president to negotiate new affordable tariffs. The drought was another contributing factor to the great depression, which lasted for a year.

Looking at the economic history, we can notice that different markets had different rates of severity. American and European markets suffered the most, while Latin American countries had minimal distress. The gold standard, which was the source of fixed currency exchange rates around the globe, issued a downturn from the United States to other countries, which made these events public. It is, however, an irony that when the gold standard and monetary expansion was made, the recovery became possible.

The stock market crash occurred in 1929 and accelerated the start of a global economic crisis among other irreversible processes. By the year 1933, a great number of banks were closed, which is approximately more than half of the American banks. This was the official beginning of the great depression. Money invested in the stock market got lost at an instance, which caused a huge financial loss to many people who depended on it. It was the reason why many people panicked and resulted in the withdrawal of their money from the bank. This all started when the market recorded the highest low in September, and by October 24th, the market took a dive and caused panic. 5 days later, the market completely crashed, losing 12% of its price, and about $14 billion in investments were lost. Within a period of 2 months, stockholders lost $40 billion which highlighted that the economy had completely fallen.”

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