How to write a journal

How to write a journal

Many influencers had a habit of keeping records of their lives. These journals chased two main goals: to keep a record for future generations and to bring relief to the authors themselves.

Even if you think that these two goals are not important for you, keeping a journal still has a wide range of benefits that you can experience at once. That is why you might want to practice writing regularly and to put your thoughts on paper.It doesn’t matter whether your journal will be used as a basis for a documentary: there are many reasons why keeping it for yourself may have a great impact on your life! Maybe you want to give your children a chance to learn more about your life and what you have achieved? Maybe you just want to boost your creativity? Or you want to improve your writing skills?There may be many reasons and even a combination of several of them. So today we will tell you how to write a personal journal and will share the most popular ideas for a journal entry.

If you don’t know where to start or need inspiration, you can always download journal writing prompts and see what other people write about!

Journal entry ideas

Personal journal ideas to start your journal with:

  1. The most beautiful sunset you have ever seen;
  2. Have you been in love? Why do you know that?
  3. The bitterest truth you have ever learned;
  4. Your biggest passion in life;
  5. What is your most precious dream?
  6. If people saw only your handwriting, what would they tell you?
  7. Imagine that you have an alter ego. Tell what’s his or her name, likes and dislikes, looks, treats of character and so on;
  8. If you had a chance to invent only one thing that would make your life much simpler, what would you invent?
  9. Who is your life role model?
  10. The most important lesson you’ve ever learned?
  11. Imagine that your friend got the thing you have dreamed of for a long time. What would your reaction be?
  12. Describe your dream house in details;
  13. What day of the year do you love the most? Why?
  14. Is it easy for you to make friends?
  15. When doing charity do you usually donate time or money?

Where and how to write a journal entry

Journal writing is very challenging and interesting because you never know where it will take you. However, many people are puzzled already on the preparatory stage, because they don’t know what medium to choose or what writing utensils to prefer.

There are three main types of medium that people use for keeping a diary: paper notebooks, mobile applications, and blogging. Depending on the things to write in a journal you can choose one of the media or even combine them!

  • Paper notebooks

Even though we are living in a digital era, most people still prefer physical writing and the feeling of touching pages and pens. If you are one of them, paper notebooks are the best choice.

You have full control over the writing and there is little possibility that someone will benefit from your material, while often blogs and accounts on social media are hacked.

Unfortunately, there are still many risks: fire, thefts or simply losing a backpack with a diary inside. So try to minimize those risks or keep a copy.

  • Applications for diaries and journaling

If you are always checking your social media feed, communicate with friends in messengers and can’t imagine your life without a smartphone, there is a variety of applications that can
help you with writing a diary. Some of them are Penzu, Day One and RedNotebook but feel free to download a variety of apps to see which of them you like more.

If you don’t trust applications, you can simply create text files on your smartphone, using Google Keep, Evernote or other apps for taking notes. There are even apps with lots of automatic tools but you don’t get all the charm and don’t get a chance to enjoy all of the benefits writing can offer.

  • Blogging

Blogging is also a great alternative for those, who enjoy journaling not depending on whether you want to become a writer or simply want to share your thoughts with the world.

Having a blog gives an ability to reach people from all over the world, so you can exchange opinions and see what other people think. However, this means that you can say goodbye to privacy.

If you are not afraid of that, there is a variety of instruments and platforms. You can try out several of them and see which one suits your needs.

Nowadays there are platforms with all types of designs and looks, for a different audience and with all types of fees. However, not many platforms come with applications, so if you want to reach several devices, your options may be limited.

With the help of the Internet and a laptop, you can be the next Andy Warhol or Isaac Newton, reaching people from all corners of the world! Keeping a blog is not only beneficial for the one who writes it but also for the people, who read it.

What to write in a journal and why it is so important?

We have already given you some ideas on what to journal about (look for more ideas below) but what about the benefits of writing? Often understanding how you will benefit from keeping a journal is enough to get started! The most important reasons include:

    1. You will keep your ideas organized;

With the help of a diary, your thoughts will always be organized. You can keep track of everyday events, feelings and thoughts; you can write down the experience you have gained. Later you can return to them and analyze your behavior or thoughts, working on your personality and perception of the world.

    1. It improves your writing

You will be able to work on your writing skills. Daily practice can greatly improve your writing, so don’t postpone it, waiting for more favorable conditions.

Of course, you may not have a great topic to write about but just start writing about yourself and your thoughts. With time your writing will become better and you will find new topics with ease.

    1. Set goals and achieve them!

Keeping a journal is a great chance to set goals and to track them. You can monitor progress, write down your thoughts and set new resolutions for the future.

    1. You can record your ideas any time you want

Remember the times, when a brilliant idea comes to your head but you don’t write it down and it disappears? Diary solves that problem! Any time you have an idea crossing your mind, write it down in a journal.

Later you can get back to it and who knows maybe you will come up with something really outstanding!

    1. It relieves stress

Any therapist knows that keeping a journal is a great way of releasing stress, pain, worries, and anxiety. Writing your thoughts down can greatly help to work on your negative emotions and to track mood.

Journaling is a priceless tool to let go of any tension that stands on your way to happiness!

    1. Reflecting on yourself

Every day we need to complete hundreds of tasks. The world is moving at a fast speed and we miss out lots of details if we don’t take time to stop and look around.

Unfortunately, not many of us can cope with all the tasks, so learning how to stop and to reflect can greatly improve our mental health. You can write down the things that you are grateful for, the things that improved in you and events, which made you who you are.

    1. Improves your memory

Your brain acts like a supermarket when all the information is stored. Diary is also a place, where you can keep information, thoughts and any valuable data. In the future, it will be much easier to find any details if you have them written down.

  1. Helps to be creative

Keeping a diary is a great way to improve creativity. All of us have a potential but not everyone knows how to discover it. Journaling is a great instrument to see how creative you may be. Just write down every thought that crosses your mind!

Personal journal ideas and journal questions

Need more journal topics for college students? No problems!

  1. What is the earliest memory you remember?
  2. What could be the best gift for you? Why it would be special?
  3. Describe yourself as if you are a book character. Tell about your personality to a stranger;
  4. Do you dream in your sleep? If yes, what is the most vivid dream you remember?
  5. What makes a good friend? Can you say that you are a good friend?
  6. Are you a warm person or more of a cool type? Why?
  7. What do you think is the most interesting thing in your personality? Is it a trait that you keep to yourself or prefer sharing with others?
  8. Your biggest mistake. What have you learned from it?
  9. If you could travel to space, where would you go and why?
  10. How old were you, when you realized what you wanted to do in the future? How did that happen and how your ideas changed with time?
  11. Do you have any fears? Are they realistic or imaginary?
  12. When was the last time you have learned anything new about your personality?
  13. What is your most profound belief?
  14. Do you read mantras? Are they helpful?
  15. Do you often spice up your speech with little lies to make the story brighter?
  16. When did you experience pure happiness?
  17. Who is the most attractive celebrity for you? What do you like about his or her appearance?
  18. Would you enjoy being a parent?
  19. If you could get an answer to a single question, which one would it be? Who would answer it?
  20. Tell about the best vacation you have ever had. What made it so special?

Actually, there are thousands of hundreds of journal topics out there and the only limit is your imagination! You just need to listen to yourself, slow down and see that there are lots of things happening around that are worth your attention.

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