Learning to write is a key to success

Learning to write is a key to success

Writing is a skill of demand nowadays. Learning to write has been well received by the experts who agree to the importance of the skill. Being a good writer may give an edge in the workplace, so mastering it is a great idea.

Set aside your fear and enjoy writing

In the first place, we need to warn you that the following text will consist of the terms that can be terrifying for you. Thus, it is better for you to remind the meaning of the next words and word expressions. A clear understanding of the items will facilitate your understanding of the whole article. So, let’s move closer to the point and see which terms you should know before reading the material:

  • various forms of participle;
  • sentence diagrams;
  • the gerund in all its manifestations;
  • split infinitives;
  • a bit about absolute modifiers.

When discussing the above-mentioned items, you may feel some nostalgia for the middle school syllabus. You start remembering the precious moments when your teacher was standing with his back turned to the classroom. Having his hands smeared with chalk dust, he continued writing the definitions for all of the terms named before.

At the same time, you found yourself measuring the time until the end of the class to have a well-deserved rest and snack on something to fuel yourself.

These flashbacks may return you to that time when your task was to write essays and create the texts on a set topic. For some students, the recollections of the-then times may sound challenging and daunting. The reason for such a resentment lies in the disgust for writing itself. However, you should not equate the theoretical material with the ability to write like a professional. Learning to write is more or less an impartial procedure that is not dependent on your knowledge of the scientific terms. Good writing is more than perfect knowledge of special terminology. You should know grammar, as it is mandatory for a student. However, you cannot rely merely on the grammatical aspects when learning to write.

To know perfectly how to define different parts of speech can hardly facilitate the process and make it easier for you. You will possess the knowledge but be inadequate to use it. Therefore, we have decided to cover the issue and provide you with the appropriate information to master your writing skills without wasting time and effort. You will get to know the importance of the skill and how it can help you in your life. Thus, let’s learn the magic behind it together.

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Circulate your ideas easier with a well-developed plan

If you find yourself here reading the article, you have probably read the scope of other printed or digital materials before. In the first place, you should remember the truth: to have our voices heard we need to organize them into exact ideas.

You can now observe the tendency to visualize the information and present it in a more creative form. It can be widely seen in social media space. There are various apps, like Pinterest, Youtube or Instagram that focus mainly on the picture or video representation. Thus, you may ask whether a written word still has some value. It definitely plays a decisive role, as every other visual material has a word as its basis in this or that form. Every screenplay, podcast or a simple naive video starts from a note.

If you lack enough experience and need some assistance beforehand, those first-attempt notes may really help. When you brainstorm and put down each of your ideas on a piece of paper, you have a great list of valuable insights. These insights will benefit your project and help give rise to more inspirational ideas.

There are lots of public speakers who give their lectures on various topics daily. Nevertheless, they are experienced in rhetoric, they still need some time to get their speech prepared. This way, the need to write at least a short outline becomes clear. When you plan your speech, you feel more comfortable while speaking and there is also less risk to omit some valuable information. With the help of a pre-written draft, you are more likely to express your thoughts coherently.

Do you need to write a text for a new Instagram post to admire the followers? Perhaps, you need to title a picture on Pinterest? You are going to shoot a video on Youtube and need some plan? If you know the art of writing, choosing the right words is no more a challenge for you. You can compile different word expressions in a sentence that does not sound weird.

A key to success lies on the surface

Many of the students try to find the biggest secret that might be hidden somewhere else. However, to get good at writing you simply need to write and gain experience through constant practice. This is how it works, indeed. You will have to write about mundane and exquisite issues on a regular basis. Moreover, you will find yourself being engaged in the activity for a much longer period of time that you might have been expecting in the beginning.

Chances are that to become a proficient writer you will need to refine the skills every single day without any excuses. By dedicating your time and efforts to constant practicing you get much more than you lose. With time you will get accustomed to the workload, and thus the tasks will pose no difficulty for you.

Another benefit is the discipline that the writing process will give. The disciplined manner will affect each and every domain in your life. Isn’t it a good reward for your time and effort?

Make up a new version of a draft to help throughout the process

Despite the purpose, any writing process requires some kind of an outline as its preparatory stage. However, students are usually afraid of another term, i.e. outline. This term has nothing to do with complexity level, but students still become discouraged when hearing about an outline. Therefore, one can observe a clear need to substitute this daunting term for another word combination. ‘Building a skeleton’ would be a good alternative to describe the activity.

Building a skeleton includes elaborating on the basic steps that a student should do before writing. It includes hashing over the topic, thesis, overall framework and considering the way to introduce the information.

In this case, you are less focused on the technical part of writing and set aside the regular preparation process. On the contrary, you have time for creativity. Your task is to develop the topic and discuss all possible methods of introducing the theme into the ‘paper’. When concentrating on different things, you can easily come up with new strategies and fresh ideas. You can also find arguments to help you understand the main topic better.

This strategy will affect other areas of your life:

  • you will enhance the quality of your emails;
  • the process of structuring the material will be easy for you;
  • you will be equipped with sound arguments.

When you think over the way to introduce your thoughts on the paper, you follow the suit in every other field. Having gained practice and experience in writing, you will be better understood by your interlocutors.

Never stop learning something new

To learn the beauty of writing, you should follow a lifelong learning approach and be fully engaged in self-development, as the only way to become the best is through constant practice.

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