Essay About What Could Towers and Men Make Us Realize

Behind the sky-high buildings and powerful individuals, are also beautiful lessons

The cities are grand hippodromes of lofty structures we oftentimes see as ordinary and meaningless handicrafts. Inside those constructions are few illustrious people, blending in with the pool of artisans, that cater to the distinct needs of thousands of people. But its existence has never become our usual concern. Sometimes, we are more inclined to appreciate the tiniest detail of simple things than those creations. But aren’t we in great adulation with the monstrosity of the world’s famous works of engineering and equally influential mortals?

I will regard them as emblems of power, fame and glory

Towering edifices rest as familiar sights. Famous celebrities are idolized by the country’s fanatics or buffs from all over the world. Powerful rulers manipulate national and global decisions. Influential church leaders’ words are every follower’s lifestyle and beliefs. Each of them symbolizes power that can better or destroy a nation. They embody fame that can touch or tarnish human history. Their existence signifies glory that can make or break humanity.

I will regard them as alluring inceptions of a great mind

Now, I would like to talk about the towering edifices. One evening several years ago, while I was meandering around, I beheld the lofty buildings in the city. I was amazed of their splendor, intimidated of their sizes, and a little stupefied of their possible menace. Imperious lights gave life to these architectures like one of the gods sprinkled them with stardust to create a beautiful spectacle for his own enjoyment. During the day, these structural designs were lifeless, boring bee hives of busy hands and visitors but as the city came to life at night, they were like giant wonders dancing by the sea of diverse automobiles racing against city traffic—and time. How alluring, mysterious and fascinating they were, and they filled my heart with enchantment and awe.

I will regard them as daunting works of geniuses

These masterful artworks are designed by excellent artists with gifted hands and infinite imagination—the architects of an era influenced either by ancient planning or modern technological advancement. Every detail of these magnificent structures is a blazing inspiration, every corner is a life-changing challenge, and every accent is exceptional ingenuity put to life. They are the relics shaped with utmost care and exact reckoning—the outcomes of delicate measurement, well-estimation and seamless grounding. Generally, they are chiseled to stand against forces of nature. They are strong, elegant and sometimes, proud.

They are equally glorious and mind-boggling

Just like those buildings, men are gorgeous, powerful, and legendary. They are emblems of unrivaled strength whose resolve can change the tides of time. With their illustrious framework, they have filled the annals of civilization with tales, innovations and marvels. Their glorious existence is unequaled, putting them above all other breathing and thinking creations. Akin to the soaring constructions, they are the making of a draftsman with a dainty hand, zealous heart and extraordinary mind. They are breathtaking in their fineness, astounding in their grace and mind-blowing in their mysterious scaffold.

They are astute, strong and everyone’s champion

When they were young, they were but simple, fascinating mortals. But at the prime of their lives, they begin to challenge the world with their erudition. They will learn to show off their dexterity like a cavalcade of flair other creatures cannot emulate. Beauty for them is not the sparkling lights and titivating furnishings, but the elegance and honor that mesmerize those around them. Might is not the concrete walls and sturdy roofs, but the razor-sharp acumen and solid judgment that can stop a bullet or halt a watercourse. Eminence is not the wide-reaching popularity and greatness, but the goodwill and gentleness that touch the rich and poor alike.

How are towers and men the same?

As the towers position with strength to face various natural catastrophes, men exist with vigor to hammer life’s seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As the towers stand with flamboyance to entice the spectators, men walk with diplomacy to shoo away life’s nefarious realities. As the towers mightily prevail in their greatness, men live notably to disentangle life’s riddles and deal with its complexities.

The gripping truth shall rule

Yet, above all these inferences, there is still the greatest truth to remember—both towers and men would fall. They are stalwart, formidable and grand in many different ways, but they are not eternal. They will perish—in their own time—and leave nothing but debris of their purpose and fragments of their once bold and spectacular existence.

At the end of everything, what remains are the remnants of our mighty deeds. No matter how powerful and formidable we are, we will be remembered by the manner we affected other people’s lives. If we created positive impacts in our society, we will be idolized. But if we did something deplorable, we might be cursed even in our grave. So, which one will you choose to leave as legacy?

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