Essay About The Secret Millionaire season premiere featuring millionaire Dani Johnson

The Secret Millionaire

I anticipated tuning into this show The Secret Millionaire yesterday evening (March 6th) because I watched the promos and was intrigued by the concept. I did not regret taking the time to watch the show The Secret Millionaire. It was excellent. I dare you to watch The Secret Millionaire and not be moved. It made me cry for sure.

Somewhat reminiscent of the show Undercover Boss (also a good show) where the CEO of a company works alongside unsuspecting employees often as a trainee, The Secret Millionaire follows a millionaire who travels to a disadvantaged community and seeks out volunteer opportunities at deserving not for profit organizations.

If an organization seems deserving enough, the millionaire that is featured in The Secret Millionaire will reveal his or her true identity at the end of the volunteer assignment and donate some of his or her wealth to the cause.

This particular episode of The Secret Millionaire followed a woman named Dani Johnson, a self made millionaire who started a business out of the trunk of her car after experiencing poverty and being on welfare.

Dani Johnson elected to go to a community in Knoxville, Tennessee and temporarily move in to a filthy one bedroom apartment that she immediately took to cleaning.

Dani Johnson visited her local convenience store and introduced herself to some neighbors while also asking for information about where there are some organizations that need volunteers. She stated that she was looking for a place to volunteer.

The first person Dani Johnson asked, a convenience store clerk told her about “two little old ladies” that had been running a place to feed the homeless for many years. The place is called The Love Kitchen and Dani Johnson went to visit, finding that it is 85 year old twins Helen and Ellen that are in charge at The Love Kitchen along with the help of many volunteers.


Dani was so touched by Helen and Ellen’s dedication and warmth and how they really do exude love. She began volunteering with them and enjoyed cooking the meals alongside them. She noted that the items on the menu were not 30 minute meals but rather meals that took a long time to prepare and the preparations were done with love and kindness.


In this episode of Secret Millionaire, Dani also worked with two other organizations- The Joy of Music and Special Spaces – Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Joy of Music is an organization that has acquired hundreds of new and used musical instruments such as piano, guitars, violins, cellos, and drums.

The instruments are refurbished if needed and kept in working order. Kids in the community who would be otherwise unable to afford an instrument or music lessons are allowed to go to the center to learn to play and use the practice rooms.

Several of the regular attendees have become exceptionally skilled in singing or playing an instrument and some have been able to acquire music scholarships to various colleges and universities.

Special Spaces – Just What the Doctor Ordered gives bedroom makeovers to children who are ill. Dani approached the organization and helps to create a lovely room for a 5 year old girl named Daisy suffering from leukemia.

The woman who leads Special Spaces has nine children – 3 biological and 6 adopted. Dani herself has five children. As moms, the room makeover projects pull an emotional cord for both women.

Dani Johnson believed that all of her volunteer experiences on the show The Secret Millionaire were priceless!

Dani Johnson believed all of her volunteer experiences on the show The Secret Millionaire to be priceless and at the end of the show, she approached the organizations to provide funds – $40,000 to Joy of Music, $30,000 to Special Spaces with an additional $10,000 specifically to Daisy’s family and $20,000 to The Love Kitchen.

All parties were surprised and emotional. They had never received such large monetary gifts.

It touched my heart to watch this show, THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE!

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