Briefly about a travelogue

Briefly about a travelogue

This writing work is usually a travel story or a written report about some trips. Your readers may find out from this text about your experience or impressions related to someplace or country. You are free to express yourself freely and share your emotions here.

How to choose your topic

You should write your travelogue after some trip to another place or country. When telling about your experience, make your story catching. Think about the main interesting memories you want to share with your readers. Feel free to play with your words and express these ideas in a non-standard way.

When you write your text, you can focus on:

  • places of interest;
  • local traditions and customs;
  • history and culture;
  • local cuisine;
  • entertaining events;
  • traveling tours;
  • adventures you had.

Writing step-by-step

It is always easy to express your thoughts if you organize your text effectively. Simply follow the next advice:

  • Identify the purpose of your writing and your target audience to know what style will be appropriate.
  • Make some short notes during your travel about any impressive places and people you see. This diary will help to refresh your memories and impressions before starting your work. Also, retain various guides, maps, brochures from your trip. They will also be very helpful during your writing.
  • Take photos during your trip, if possible. Don’t be afraid about your professionalism at this point. If you still have doubts that prevent you from taking photos, you may read some articles about how to do it well.
  • Review all recordings before your writing. Take some time to elaborate on your thoughts. Write down all your ideas. Afterward, range them according to your preferences and personal importance.
  • Organize your content and make an outline. It will definitely help to write your travelogue and make it flow.
  • Write your travel story/report. Avoid any general descriptions, but simply share with your readers some valuable memories and impressions. Treat this assignment as your advertisement for the place or country you have visited.

Things to keep in mind

Emphasize these points

Keep in mind the following important points during your writing:

  • Avoid only a simple description of the places you have visited. Of course, you can share your impressions in this regard. However, focus rather on some life lessons you had during this trip, your thoughts and reflections.
  • Make your own routs. Go somewhere where nobody goes. This unusual experience will make your text exceptional;
  • Keep the structure of an essay to tell about your trip. In your introduction, briefly describe the place or country you have visited and try to intrigue your reader. In the main part of your travelogue, indicate all distinctive features of that place or country, your impressions, reflections. You may also describe any funny moments you have experienced or difficulties you have managed to overcome. In the end, summarize your experience and lessons gained during this trip.

Avoid these mistakes

When you write your travel story, don’t make these mistakes:

  1. Don’t focus on any factual information about the place or country you have visited. Instead, describe in this story, your sincere emotions.
  2. Try not to rely on your memories only, but use your notes to describe precisely all details of your trip.
  3. Don’t be only enthusiastic or critical. Instead, try to be more realistic.

Quick tips for your convenience


  • don’t procrastinate with your writing after your return;
  • don’t make any judgments about the country’s customs or traditions, even if they are really weird;
  • don’t rewrite the general information from any available sources;
  • don’t use any Internet or stock photos.


  • make notes;
  • describe only your personal experience and impressions;
  • create the atmosphere of that country or place you have visited;
  • add some humor to your travelogue, if appropriate;
  • make sure your text flows.

And enjoy not only your trip but also your writing.

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