Expository Essay Topics And A Brief Writing Guide

Expository Essay Topics And A Brief Writing Guide

Getting a task to write an expository essay, many students get lost in the heap of information provided. It is reasonable because an expository essay covers several types of papers. This article explains, in a nutshell, the core meaning of an expository essay. Also, you are welcome to pick up ideas for your assignment and examine the example of the correct expository essay writing.

Expository Essay: Definition, Types, and General Characteristics

An expository essay is a genre of assignment that requires a writer to examine a subject, estimate evidence, interpret an idea, and set an argument. Since the word «expository» comes from the verb «to expose,» this essay supposes a description, either examination or a particular issue. An expository essay is a frequent task for students during ordinary lessons and exams.

The group of expository essay joins various papers determining the following five expository essay types:

  • descriptive essay: a description of a person, location, other worth of attention objects, cases, or situations;
  • process essay answers the question «how to» and explaining the process;
  • comparison essay: the analysis of similarities and differences of objects or cases;
  • cause and effect essay: an explanation of a significant fact and its outcome;
  • problem and solution essay observes the relevant problem and analyzes a way out.

As with any scientific paper, a proper structure is necessary for all types of essays. These include an introduction with a thesis statement, body chapters, and the conclusion. Use a draft first while writing an expository essay to match the requirements of each type.

Choosing a Topic for an Expository Essay

If an expository essay is a part of an exam or test, students do not have an opportunity of choice, or it is limited to a few ones. If you are lucky to choose, use this chance wisely. The correctly selected topic determines the success of the paperwork. Use these handy tips to choose the right one for you:

  1. Take the one you know the best and understand well. Preferably, the topic should be interesting to an author.
  2. Choose the relevant one. The subject of discussion should be a household name or a vexing problem to captivate the interest.
  3. Pay attention to the word amount requirements. The more expanded expository essay you need, the more sources you will have to use. Check up the source materials to make sure that you have enough material to study.
  4. Stand out of the herd. Challenging, provoking topics are catchy. Fulfill it with your private attitude and opinion to grab all attention.
  5. Be precise. The topic should be well directed. Avoid watered-down content without any specific thought. Your task is to generate a thesis and support it.

If your choice is limited and none of the offered topics is interesting or well-familiar to you, ask for assistance from your professor or research advisor.

The Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

An expository essay is a part of the studying process within all disciplines. Have a look at the list of topics for middle school divided into expository essay types and pick up an idea for yourself:

In a descriptive essay, you can describe:

  • your school;
  • favorite animal;
  • birthday celebrating traditions;
  • history of Christmas holiday;
  • the happiest day of your life.

The examples of topics for a problem-solution essay are:

  • ignorance of world news by schoolmates: outcome and solutions;
  • ways of stopping animal abuse;
  • wood-felling: consequences and solutions;
  • results of global warming and protecting measures;
  • how to make a community happier?

In a comparison essay, you may contrast:

  • two favorite celebrities;
  • current place of living with a desired one;
  • two comedy shows;
  • watches of all times;
  • fashion of the 19th and 20th centuries.

For cause and effect essay, the suitable topics are:

  • causes and outcomes of bullying at schools;
  • reasons of danger in social networks and their results;
  • explanation of poverty and its results;
  • reasons for dirty water in the rivers and their effect;
  • the cause of the revolution and its outcome.

Process expository essay covers any process with a progressive result:

  • how to make friends;
  • ways to improve your studying abilities;
  • table making instructions;
  • weight losing diets;
  • website creating recommendations.

You can use these topics directly or turn on your imagination and create your own depending on the necessary essay type.

The Expository Essay Topics for High School

Students of high school have already had a task to write an expository essay at least once but may experience a lack of imagination to create new ones. Here is the list of topics divided into subjects for your convenience.

Religion and philosophy

  • reasons for the religious diversity;
  • Christianity spreading in Europe;
  • the personal attitude to sins with an example;
  • life philosophy: definition and live appliance;
  • the connection between war and Islamic religion;
  • Buddhism and its influence on the Asian population;
  • atheism opinions evaluation.

Science and technology

  • Internet developing and its consequences;
  • paranoid social networks dependence: causes and effects;
  • radio development within years;
  • protective measurements in the cyber world;
  • iPhone epoch and its influence on mobile gadgets of other trademarks;
  • the development path of military robots;
  • financial benefits of solar street lights.


  • evolution of automobiles;
  • astronomy in Ancient Greece and its impact;
  • the role of tea in the economy of China;
  • the achievements of George W. Bush;
  • industry restoring after the second world war;
  • the causes, effects, and protection from outer armed attacks;
  • evolution of telephones.

Medicine and healthcare

  • best fitness practices;
  • healthy diet: meaning and benefits;
  • fast-food and its damaging effect for heath;
  • the role of World Health Organization in treating COVID-19;
  • the connection of health state and material status;
  • impact of music on the health;
  • Are heroism and patriotism the norm of mental health?


  • psychological attach of COVID-19;
  • democracy and its compliance in your country;
  • benefits of electronic studying books instead of paper ones;
  • the current and desired level of medical services in your country;
  • the tradition of national holidays;
  • reasons of popularity of Legoland and Disneyland in adults;
  • the necessity of sexual education for teenagers.

Choose the theme that fits your personal preferences, share your thoughts and experience with the audience, and get high grades!


Here is an example of the expository essay on the topic ‹Features of a successful enterpriser.»

Except for the educational achievements, everyone should think about which features an individual possesses when entering adult life. Some individuals expose themselves excellently in the team, following the guidance of the advisor. Others love challenges and see themselves as a separately standing candidature.

The second type of people often become successful enterprisers in the future. Their success level depends on their motivation, intelligence, subject of interest, and personal skills and knowledge. It is necessary to observe which features a successful enterprise possesses to decide which choice is better and more financially stable.

A businessman is in a constant search. This person should be motivated to generate a business idea and explore the market, seeking those who will pay for the ready product. The considerable evaluation of the risks and profits is vital for a stable income.

A hired team member with fixed working hours and days offs. But an enterpriser does not have a strict schedule which gives more freedom. However, the working schedule may expand for longer than an eight-hour working day. The day-off timetable is not stable either due to unpredictable coming opportunities.

Many factors may destroy a business owner. These are lack of motivation, reluctance to study the new market tendencies and adapt to the changing environment. A hired worker does not have this level of responsibility and gets more protection.

While a team member does the same regular job, an enterpriser must develop himself nonstop. Knowledge in various sciences is vital for a successful business, e.g., marketing, sales, public relations, and many more, depending on the working direction. The brainpower is the primary engine of motion for an enterpriser.

One more essential feature of a business owner is service skills. Providing a decent level of accommodation for the partners impacts the quality of business relationships in the future. Poor customer service destroys the contacts.

Personal skills make a significant impact on the profession and activity choosing. It depends on a person to be an employer or an employee, personal skills, and abilities. With more benefits that an enterprising activity brings, a significantly higher level of responsibility comes with it.

Help of Professionals

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