Funny Speech Topics for Any Event

Funny Speech Topics for Any Event

According to traditional science, humor plays an important role in the life of every person. It is used in a variety of social interactions. The main functions of humor include reducing general tension in a team of people, self-disclosure, establishing relationships with society members, etc. As practice shows, humor is often used by people who have a fairly high social status in order to demonstrate their superiority over other members of society. People with low social status assert themselves among the reference persons with the help of humor. If we consider humor in a group context, then it is rated as a fairly effective means of increasing group cohesion.

Humor can often be found in unpleasant and often stressful situations. It helps people express negative emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear. Senseless, funny, and humorous remarks allow a person to perceive a negative situation differently, to veil its negative background. This certainly helps to protect a person from negative and often unnecessary experiences. It should also be noted that humor is an excellent defense mechanism, using which a person manages to maintain a realistic view of the current situation and eliminate a number of negative emotions. Today, many scientists are actively studying humor’s influence on a person and identifying its adaptive role in conditions of physical and mental illness, stress, anger, etc.

In this article, we want to tell you where to use funny speech, what are good topics present, and what ideas you should use for conversations.

Where Is It Appropriate to Use Funny Speech?

Within this article’s framework, it is necessary to indicate that a person is considered in the scientific paradigm as the highest stage in the development of living organisms on Earth and is a complex biosocial system, i.e., man is a social living organism. In order to survive, a person needs to be in society and be able to interact with it. That is why scientists argue that communication is the most important component of human life. Speech is more than a mechanically reproduced series of sounds. Speech is a person as a whole since it is an integral part of the character and defines personality in the broadest possible way.

Speech expresses and participates in the formation of the individual’s emotional world, which means that the emotional and aesthetic potential of speech, created by the author, will have a corresponding effect on the consciousness of those who perceive this speech. If speech, capturing various consciousness areas, subordinates the listener to the author, then this is an effective speech, effective from the communication perspective.

It is possible to allocate various types of speech. Below we list those varieties in which it is recommended to use funny and humorous topics:

  • Persuasive speech. This is an important means of multifaceted influence on the listener. A proper, standardized persuasive speech can provide a speed of mutual understanding between the communicative act participants. The purpose is not so much to prove the truth of something but to assert your thought, your intention to attract like-minded people to your side. And then – to influence the actions of the listeners to induce them to perform a certain action. Speech influence can be persuasive (the listener voluntarily accepts the speaker’s arguments) and manipulation, when the influence is a latent form of coercion to accept the speaker’s opinion. The funny topics should be chosen carefully;
  • Motivational speech allows the listener to get motivated to perform certain actions. Motivation is the driving force of behavior, the human urge to be active in order to satisfy his needs. Motivation is also interpreted as a state of a person, which characterizes the level of activity and direction of a person’s actions in a certain situation. At the same time, motivation is a pretext, a reason, an objective need to do something, an incentive to take a certain action. Funny topics will fit perfectly here;
  • Ceremonial speech. It is a type of speech dedicated to a certain date, associated with honoring an individual, a group of people, celebrations in honor of events in the life and work of the organization, institution, etc. In a ceremonial public speech, it makes sense to follow the classic rules of public speaking. That is, remember the clear structure: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. Suppose this is the result of the activity. In that case, the speech can include in chronological order the most important stages of activity and achievements, wishes for further fruitful development, and all sorts of good things. The speech should be festive, solemn, and may have elements of results. Students graduating from higher education institutions usually have such a speech. Funny remarks are quite relevant here;
  • Expository speech. Explanatory speech is a sample of informational speech that reveals a certain subject’s essence and interprets a particular idea, theory, event, or process using various techniques and methods. Explanatory speech requires a certain presentation sequence, highlighting and indicating the main connections and relationships in a situation that the interlocutor must understand. Funny topics are not used as often here as in other types of speech, but still, sometimes they can be found;
  • Demonstrative speech. The purpose of a demonstrative speech is to educate the audience about something. It may be accompanied by visual material that complements the demonstration and illustrates certain facts obtained in practice. Demonstrative speech is similar to informative speech, but the last usually does not contain reliable facts but only reveals the problem’s essence. It is recommended to use funny topics here to attract attention.

How to Deliver Your Speech?

Are you thinking of creating a funny speech right now? Then take into account the recommendations below, apply them in practice, and get an excellent result:

  • Choose the funny speech topic. Keep in mind that a speech will be successful if a relevant topic is chosen. The title of the topic should be clear, specific, and concise, but should reflect the content and be sure to interest the audience. You should be clearly aware of the goal for which you are representing the speech, the reaction of the audience you expect. The effectiveness of speech is reduced if there is no such targeted guidance;
  • Define your audience. The choice of topic, manner of behavior, appearance, means of expression of speech, etc., is also based on the main composition of the chosen audience. In fact, the audience can be very diverse, and it is due to the style of speech (concise, trusting, mentoring, friendly, solemn, etc.);
  • Identify techniques to induce laughter. You should link humor to the topic; identify the moments that make everyone laugh; use paradoxes, etc.;
  • Read your speech to someone and watch the reaction carefully. If you managed to achieve the effect you want to achieve, you really managed to make the listener laugh, and then you are on the right track;
  • Practice speaking several times. Everyone is different, but you will most likely need to rehearse the entire speech from start to finish at least four to five times or until you feel confident. Remember, your goal is not to memorize the text verbatim. If you have spent enough time creating a speech, thinking everything through in detail, then you will only need to read it several times. Your speech should not look like this: you are sitting in front of the computer, silently moving your lips, repeating words that appear on the monitor, or ‘scrolling’ phrases in your head as the material appears on the screen. Try to recreate the speaking environment as correctly as possible. Stand up and speak out loud. It is important to deliver the full speech, from start to finish, as if you are already standing on stage in front of an audience. After you rehearse for the first time, edit the speech – remove or fix unimportant data.

How to Choose Funny Speech Topics for a Specific Event?

In the process of choosing funny speech topics, you should think carefully. If possible, then you need to focus on what is familiar and interesting to you personally. Then it might be interesting and meaningful to others. Then, you should try to narrow down the topics of the speech so that it has the greatest interest. It is necessary to decide: whether to describe the subject, to explain something about the subject, whether to challenge a certain point of view or to present a new version. Don’t try to squeeze in too much material in a limited time. If possible, then you need to think about your future sunny speech for several days. During this time, many new ideas will appear.

The choice of topic essentially depends on the event at which it will be announced. This can be college admission or graduation, a debate, a professional speech in front of an audience, etc. Try to take this into account.

After working through the topic of the speech, it is useful to check yourself with questions:

  • Will my speech arouse interest?
  • Do I know enough about the issue, and do I have enough data?
  • Will I be able to finish speaking within the allotted time?
  • Is my speech consistent with my knowledge and experience?

85 Funny Speech Topics for Everyone

Below are 85 of the best speech topics. Choose the most interesting. We hope you will find it here.

Persuasive Funny Speech Topics

Consider the best topics for speech in English:

  • Flakes with milk are soup;
  • A hot dog is a typical sandwich;
  • People are nostalgic after 40 years;
  • Chicken or egg: what came first?
  • Is zebra black or white?
  • Cats always look into the void;
  • The chameleon changes color because he is a magician;
  • A person always looks like one of the ancestors;
  • The less you sleep, the better you get enough sleep and vice versa;
  • Time runs faster when you become an adult;
  • The first floor is different from the ninth;
  • Can you keep up with two birds with one stone?
  • Can animals snore?
  • Why do people think that their many selfies are interesting to someone?
  • People could do without toes;
  • Who is smarter: cats or dogs?
  • Which ear would listen better: triangular or square?
  • Which test is the hardest to bear: feeding on cakes, caviar, or oranges?
  • There is dietary water;
  • The kangaroo can jump over the roof.

Informative Funny Speech Topics

The following topics are quite informative:

  • Cats are afraid of cucumbers;
  • Chocolate is not a vegetable, but it is made from cocoa beans;
  • What color will the chameleon be in the mirror room?
  • Why is it difficult to open simple plastic bags?
  • Is victory over oneself a victory or a defeat?
  • Boxing gloves are a type of mittens;
  • Lemonade is made from artificial lemon juice, and cleaners are made from natural lemon juice;
  • The buttons of the remote control, which have low batteries, should not be pressed harder;
  • What does Windows look like from the backside?
  • What is the speed of darkness?
  • Can I download the entire Internet to my computer?
  • What can three consecutive days be called without mentioning Wednesday, Friday, as well as Saturday?
  • Is a man crying a sign of weakness or strength?
  • Time or money?
  • What do students and lizards have in common?
  • How many shoes does a woman need for ‘complete happiness’?
  • What fields does not grass grow on?
  • What do milk and hedgehog have in common?
  • How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?
  • There are clocks that show the correct time only twice a day.

Interesting Speech Topics for Any Event

The following themes are very interesting and can be effectively used for a wide range of situations:

  • What is missing in a woman’s purse?
  • Where to put the earth that appears when digging the subway?
  • There are medicines for animals. Are there insects?
  • Why is the running direction of the stadium always counterclockwise?
  • Do polar bears love honey?
  • Why are tongue twisters difficult to speak?
  • Do penguins have knees?
  • Can a person with one eye watch a movie in 3D?
  • Who was the last common ancestor?
  • Animals can predict an earthquake;
  • Why don’t we recognize our voice on the recording?
  • The sun darkens the skin and lighter hair;
  • Time in childhood is slower;
  • Why do human eyes not freeze in the cold?
  • Dust on a white background is black, and on black-white;
  • Where do crayfish winter?
  • The closer the exam, the louder the students greet the teacher on the street;
  • Student tea. Recipe: boiling water, dark brown cup;
  • Nothing brings people closer together like public transport;
  • From session to session, the student lives happily.

Inspirational Funny Speech Topics

A list of inspirational, funny speech topics is given below:

  • I exist since I am online;
  • The main goal of life is to die in old age;
  • Learning is light, and ignorance is a pleasant twilight;
  • Donut is a student’s lifeline;
  • A school day shortens life by 8 hours;
  • Students do not know how to save money because there is nothing;
  • Turtles live long. But why?
  • Why did a person have reduced body hair?
  • The human brain is only used by 10%. Or not?
  • Why is the jellyfish moving? She doesn’t have muscles!
  • How did people manage to agree on what word to call?
  • Why does a minus for a minus give a plus?
  • Why didn’t all monkeys evolve into humans?
  • How do cells understand that some should become hair, other bones, etc.?
  • Do microbes see each other?
  • Is it true that dogs are color blind?
  • Can you overtake the sun?

Funny Speech Topics Allowing to Attract Attention

And a few more good speech topics for school:

  • What kind of spots appears in front of a person’s eyes when he looks at the light?
  • What will the ant do if it is far from the anthill?
  • Why do migratory birds come back in the spring?
  • Why don’t animals smile?
  • Why does a person have some paired organs and others – in one copy?
  • Why doesn’t the moon fall to earth?
  • Why does a hammerhead shark have a hammer on its head?
  • Why do animals deserve more rights than some persons?

Choose a theme and start generating an effective speech! You will succeed! But remember that in case you need help, we will certainly do everything ourselves!


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