What Could Be Good Topics For Historical Research?

What Could Be Good Topics For Historical Research?

Being a student, you might be supposed to write many essays per month. If you attend only 1 class, you might find the needed data and complete your tasks on time. Nevertheless, if you have a few various professor’s assignments, it would be rather complicated to cope with such a specific workload without spending your nighttime reading books.

Our professionals have carefully selected the best history research essay topics for college students. Check them out right now. It will assist you in skipping the long-lasting process of organizing data and googling your task.

What Are Some World History Topics?

History research essays are devoted to analyzing all sources, either primary and secondary, which are relevant to specific historical periods or the events that you would be reviewing. One of the most assignments is to generate the argumentative thesis statement for the essay and conduct in-depth research. This kind of job might be similar to composing any other type of research essay. The main difference seems to be that your chosen topic must fall under a specific subject of History.

Speaking about research paper, you must consider such questions:

  • Why is this topic important?
  • What is the way the topic is related to the discussed period, compared to the necessity today?
  • What is the paper’s context?
  • Why is the idea utilized in the essay important to people at the time?

How Do You Choose a History Topic for a Research Paper?

To generate a solid historical research essay question, students must concentrate on that early in the research process. The best method to select a history research essay topic for your essay is by following such steps:

  • Brainstorm the best ideas.
  • Read the background data.
  • Concentrate on the problems of your interest.
  • Compose a keywords list or the outline.
  • Stay flexible while you conduct research.

Students must also keep in mind that every History research essay topic must meet all the task requirements. When you doubt a selected topic, you might ask the professor to give you some feedback.

What is more, it is rather complicated to conduct proper research on the not exciting historic area. To make your research more engaging, you must consider the selected topic’s scope and ensure it is interesting for you.

What Are Some Cool Topics to Research?

If there are any issues regarding essays on History, try to consider the following list of proper History research essay topics for the college student. They are divided according to the best ideas in sections to make your search process easier. Check this list out to get the perfect one that fits your subject best.

Ancient history research essay topics

  1. Facts and myths about Ancient Greece’s voting.
  2. Ancient demonstrations and protests.
  3. The main differences and main similarities between Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt.
  4. Ancient History and the most potent military.
  5. The philosophy in Ancient Greece.
  6. The moral event and entertainment in Ancient Rome: Gladiatorial Games.
  7. Ancient Rome’s civilians’ life grounds.
  8. Ancient Rome’s police.
  9. The most outstanding leader in history: Alexander the Great.
  10. The power of Ancient Greece compared to Ancient Rome.

Middle Ages history Research essay topics

  1. Medieval Europe and cities’ development.
  2. Middle Ages and interfaith marriages.
  3. Medieval studies: Nicholas of Cusa.
  4. Byzantine State Notion of Revival.
  5. Medieval Europe discoveries.
  6. Middle Ages intellectuals.
  7. Medieval Europe and the role of the Quran.
  8.  The Middle Ages History Impact.
  9. Middle Ages common crimes.
  10. Why is the Middle Ages the discovery period?

World history research essay topics

  1. The Eastern Empire fall.
  2. Maritime discoveries.
  3. Feudalism decline.
  4. Rise of Great monarchies.
  5. The world’ most potent monarch.
  6. The Dutch republic rise.
  7. Progress of civilization.
  8. England under Stuarts.
  9. The Thirty Years’ war.
  10. The sixteenth-century great people.

European history research essay topics

  1.  Britain’s Kings and Queens.
  2. The Islamic Challenge in Europe.
  3. European Economic History.
  4. Seven Years’ War.
  5. Muslims of Europe.
  6. Muslim’s political participation in Europe.
  7. Witch Hunt and Catholic Church.
  8. Early Modern Europe.
  9. The Eastern Powers.
  10. Politics in the 18th century in Europe.

US history research essay topics

  1. The Civil War origins in the USA.
  2. American Exceptionalism.
  3. US election history.
  4. People in the seventeenth century of the USA’s history.
  5. How was America brought by the new Deal out of the Depression?
  6. From the Hot War to Cold.
  7. The US navy concise history.
  8. WWI in America and terror trophies.
  9. War of 1812 and Schooner Nancy.
  10. Peculiar US democracy.

American revolution history research essay topics

  1. The woman’s role in the American Revolution.
  2. The American Revolution’s global impact.
  3. The Townshend Acts.
  4. Letters of American Revolutionary War.
  5. The US and federalist era.
  6. Revolution and daily lives of Americans.
  7. The American Revolution and women writers.
  8. American Revolution’s legacies.
  9. Problems in colonial newspapers.
  10. American Revolution and social conflicts.

US Civil War history research essay topics

  1. The Civil War and African-American soldiers.
  2. Europe and US Civil War.
  3. Battle of Gettysburg.
  4. Appomattox Campaign.
  5. Battle of Antietam.
  6. US Civil War battles.
  7. US Civil War and Union soldiers.
  8. Battle of Fredericksburg.
  9. Civil War era and women in America.
  10. Battle of the Spotsylvania Court House.

WWI history research essay topics

  1. The WWI and human cost.
  2. The WWI and Treaty of Versailles.
  3. How could America enter WWI?
  4. WWI and Russian Revolution.
  5. WWI and chemical weapons.
  6. The Gallipoli Campaign and WWI.
  7. The Eastern Front and Western Front in WWI.
  8. Battle in the air and at sea during WWI: Comparison.
  9. Assassination in Sarajevo and WWI.
  10. WWI and Entangling Alliances.

WWII history research essay topics

  1. WWII and African Americans.
  2. Japan’s Allied Occupation and WWII.
  3. Holocaust and children.
  4. WWII and German resistance to Adolf Hitler.
  5. The Holocaust and church.
  6. WWII and Japanese- American Internment.
  7. WWII and the Holocaust’s victims.
  8. WWII in Africa.
  9. Diplomacy during WWII.
  10. WWII and American neutrality.

Cold War history research essay topics

  1. The Cold War significant event.
  2. The Cold War and the declining impact of Europe.
  3. The Cold War and the main role of the United Nations.
  4. The era of fear or the Cold War.
  5. Discussion on the way to resolve the situation during the Cold War.
  6. The Cold War and international order.
  7. The effect of the Cold War on popular culture.
  8. The Cold War culture.
  9. The major countries that were involved in the Cold War.
  10. Events of the Cold War: the boundless history of America.

20th and 21st centuries’ history research paper topics

  1.  The childhood of Civil Rights.
  2. The 20th and 21st centuries’ history of America.
  3. Vietnam War and American women.
  4. Nixon’s America and the Vietnam veterans.
  5. Civil rights and Harry Truman in American history.
  6. Truman’s political risks and moral courage in American history.
  7. The companion to Franklin Roosevelt.
  8. The events of the Holocaust and the Roosevelt administration.
  9. The mixed legacies: Ronald Reagan.
  10. The making of the USA’s Catholic President.

Modern history research essay topics

  1. The importance of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  2. Europeans vs. Native Americans.
  3. Social movements in America.
  4. Westward Expansion.
  5. The New Nation Governing.
  6. Industrialists and inventors in the contemporary world.
  7. The industrialization price to the USA’s nation.
  8. The Great American West Adjustment.
  9. The industrialization impacts on the USA’s social movements.
  10. The USA’s immigrants policies in the 21st century.

Art history research essay topics

  1. Art history and semiotics.
  2. Alois Riegl’s theory history.
  3. Art History and Art Studio.
  4. A critical intro to art history.
  5. Philosophy of religion and art history.
  6. US art History and politics.
  7. Knowledge and research in design and art.
  8. Jay Hambidge’s thoughts impact art history.
  9. The life of the modern author and artist Frank Stella.
  10. Civil War and representing freedom in the USA.

Theology and religion history research paper topics

  1. Ideology, religion, and history.
  2. The official region in the USA: Ideology.
  3. Dominant USA’s ideology.
  4. History of American religious interaction and politics.
  5. USA’s ideology and religion from the global perspective.
  6. Religious identity impacts the voter’s choices.
  7. American society and political ideology.
  8. American new religion.
  9. How to separate religion and politics in America?
  10. Identity politics’s history.

Immigration history research essay topics

  1. American history of immigration.
  2. Immigration before the year 1965 in America.
  3. Historical overview of immigration policy.
  4. Trends, facts, and history of immigration to America.
  5. Trends of immigration.
  6. The historical immigration trends to the USA.
  7. American immigration debates.
  8. Immigrant population history in America.
  9. Immigration reforms history in America.
  10. US immigration timeline.

Controversial history research essay topics

  1. Causes of the remarkable immigration waves from Syria.
  2. Nationalism’s failure reasons in becoming the identity source in the Arab League.
  3. Constantinople fall as the saddest moment in humankind history.
  4.  The soviet zone women’s treatment during WWII.
  5. Is it true that native Americans resisted assimilation?
  6. Germany after the Hitler and Nazis’ fall.
  7. Was the Six Days War the preemptive strike or the act of aggression?
  8. The truth about the moral justification of the Spanish Inquisition.
  9. British Press freedom during the nineteenth century.
  10. Is it true that Niccolo Machiavelli was the political science’s founder?

Other history research paper topics

  1.  Nationalism was a main problem of the twentieth century.
  2. Historical pragmatics.
  3.  The United States Great Depression.
  4. Remarkable technological inventions and advances of the 20th century.
  5. Best 20th-century presidential speeches.
  6. The Balkan wars’ impact on Europe’s map.
  7. The worst crime in a European history: Holocaust.
  8. Asian Soviet countries’ history.
  9. The USA’s abolishment of slavery: evidence and causes.
  10.  Revolution leaders in the USA.
  11. Background and causes of the Rwandan genocide.
  12. The history of the conflicts between the people from Israel and Palestinians.
  13. Evolution and changes of Japan over the several centuries.
  14. Facts and figures about the Iran-Contra scandal.
  15. Cleopatra’s fall causes in Egypt.
  16. The response of the government to Hurricane Katrina.
  17. Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
  18. Why, when, and the way the Roman Empire has fallen?
  19. The influence of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on the reconstruction of the American nation after the Civil War.
  20. British rule in India.


Every academic essay’s success depends on your validity of the research and the paper’s core idea. Sometimes it might be complicated to define the history research topic concept. We hope that here you will find the main tips and examples of the history research paper topics.

How Else Can We Help You?

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