How to cheat on a test: Best tricks from professionals

How to cheat on a test: Best tricks from professionals

Exams cannot be called a fun thing for students. Thus, when the time of exams comes, they try to find different ways out on how to get the best grade but not study too much. Cheating on exams becomes one of the most interesting challenges for students of all time.

Yes, cheating on tests is not right but if you didn’t study properly during your semester but still hope to get at least a good grade, you will have to search for certain tricks to survive. It may help you get an outstanding result and not spend sleepless nights reading the books.It is necessary to admit that students of different ages and countries have been very imaginative and created tons of various techniques of cheating. Some of these techniques are still popular among modern students and most of them are commonly used.

Tests and exams are not the best time for the experiments, so you should realize how crucial it is to get the best result during your exam. It may influence your future success so you should use the most helpful and exceptional ways to cheat.

And in that case, the skills of preparation will be really necessary for you. Looking for cheating methods can be taken as another test for your creativity and critical thinking. But skipping some learning and still getting good final results is too seductive, so students are not afraid to be creative enough.

In that article, we have provided the most common and helpful techniques for cheating on a test. You can read them and see whether they are for you or not, try them in your studying process, and evaluate from your student’s point of view. Keep in mind all the methods are provided by former students who used them successfully!

The most effective old-school cheat test methods

Modern students adore trying various new techniques in their process of studies and challenge their professors – whether they will notice it or not. Some of their methods are impressively creative. Check them out:

  • Fingernails notes;
  • Water bottle;
  • The inside hat ridge;
  • Desk answers;
  • Knees and thighs.

The names are intriguing, aren’t they? Now let’s figure out what does each of them means.

Fingernail notes

One of the most frequently-used tricks at all times. This way brought high test scores to so many students. Pencil or pen is your main instrument in that very meticulous task. Why meticulous? Just try to write the answers on your nails and what is even more challenging – read them during your exam. Keep in mind that your teachers do not have to see your fingers by no means.

A water bottle trick

One of the most popular cheating methods is a water bottle trick while it is one of the easiest. No one will guess that you write test answers on the backside of the bottle label. Pretty smart, huh? But you should prepare all the notes in advance, such as important solutions, comments, answers, etc.

The inside hat ridge

Nothing is easier than hiding answers or solutions to your test in the hat! It would be great if you used to wear a baseball hat or any other type of headwear all the time, while no one will be looking inside of it where you can read all the necessary answers. However, if you do not wear any hats in your everyday life, it is better to choose another way of cheating. Seeing you in a hat on the exam will be more than suspicious then.

Desk answers

Can you imagine that students can write answers to their tests right on the desks? It is a perfect technique in the case when you know exactly where you are going to pass your test. Then you can easily come to that class in advance and do your dirty business. But it is a time-consuming process, so make sure to have enough time to prepare everything.

Knees and thighs

Yes, not only fingernails can be helpful in that difficult routine but other parts of your body, too. You can write answers to your test right at the knees or thighs. Keep in mind that technology works best for girls, while they can wear skirts and, in that case, everything will be well-hidden under it. But here you should be very careful (just like with any previous trick) because you should not attract too much teachers’ attention by looking down all the time. so, pay attention to the teacher and choose the best moment for looking at the right answers.

Innovative test cheat schemes

Those options provided in the first part of our article are some old-fashioned techniques invented a long time ago. But there are also other efficient and very helpful ways to cheat on your exams. But be careful while you should follow all the instructions accurately.

Why we always recommend being careful? You should understand that exams and tests are not the best part of your studies and even the best students worry and get nervous about the exams. And it is not difficult to understand that when we are nervous, we attract too much attention by our ridiculous actions.

So the first and the main tip for cheating on a test would be to always stay calm and behave naturally as if you are not hiding anything from your professors. Some of the innovative tricks include:

  • The Kleenex notebook;
  • Answer sticks on your hands/clothes;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Impressions.

Now you probably wonder what it all means, so we will discover the mystery of the intrigue right now.

The Kleenex notebook

The title is very intriguing and interesting, isn’t it? Yes, and thanks to that intrigue, so many modern students have passed their exams successfully. To use that innovative technique of cheating, you should hide the test answers written at Kleenex napkins. Why would you take a napkin with you when taking a test? You may be coughing, sneezing, or even crying during your test, so it is natural to use them in that case. Although not to attract too much attention, you should not do it too often. Taking a napkin one by one would be very suspicious.

Answer sticks on your hands/clothes

To use that method of cheating, you can print your solutions to the most difficult questions and with the help of clear tape, stick the printed answers to your hands or clothes. Of course, it should not be seen by your teacher, so hide them well. After passing the test, you should destroy the evidence not to be noticed in a while. So do not forget to get rid of the sticks right after you leave the class.


Sunglasses are also helpful for passing the exams. But in that case, you should have a very good sight, while your shades will serve as a mirror showing you the reflections of the classmates’ answers who sit next to you. But this might not the best technique requiring too much time and skills. Moreover, it is riskier than others.


This is one of the most difficult tricks requiring good preparation from your side. It will work in case you are sure teachers will give you a piece of white paper. Then you should write comments, solutions, and answers, place the notes underneath, and obtain clear impressions. This way, you will hide the exam hints. So, it means you will look at correct answers via checking the prepared typed impressions.

The best ways to use test cheat tricks

Yes, you can use your calculator to solve math tasks; however, this is not a good example of an efficient cheating strategy. But everything is much more complicated. Besides, students are not folk searching for easy and boring ways, are they?

Below, you will find some secret tricks and techniques for cheating and staying unnoticed. You cannot fail here while you need only high grades, so check them thoroughly and don’t hesitate to follow:

  • Avoid detecting your secret notes right after the exam began;
  • Don’t use eraser while it is obvious and inconvenient;
  • Answers can be written on the turn side of the paper;
  • Use extra clothes (hats or sweater sleeves) for adding tiny notes;
  • Get more experience in double-cheating from articles and other sources.

If you have heard from other students that this or that technique is impractical, or maybe know it from your personal previous experience, do not use those methods again. Use only practical and essential ways of cheating.

Remember that every trick should be easy, clear, efficient, and convenient. Only when it has all these four characteristics, it is successful and will bring you the best grades.

Students tend to invent new and new practices and methods every day, but you should also not forget that all professors are also former students and might have been using the same tricks before. It means you can be easily be caught by an experienced teacher.

So, think well whether it is worthy of it or not, sometimes it is just better to spend some good effort and time and learn all the necessary materials to pass your tests successfully.

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