Exemplification Essay Examples and Tips

Exemplification Essay Examples and Tips

Most teachers utilize an exemplification essay to administer assignments to their students, leading to the question, “What is an exemplification essay?” It is a well-known preferable way of testing the students’ knowledge and understanding. An exemplification essay is a type of essay that requires the writer to provide proof for an exemplification thesis or main argument, where it should be provided with reasons supported by fitting examples.

Exemplification essay examples can be drawn from life situations, statistical data or any other form of data that gives a firm foundation to your thesis. For instance, in an argumentative essay, defending a particular point can be backed with citation of a fictional source of information, which cannot be applied when writing an exemplification essay. This is because they outline clearly why a specific opinion or viewpoint is correct, by offering a clear, easy to understand examples based on real-life situations.Writing exemplification essays should not be a hard nut to crack as the writer should have the target reader in mind. Each point put across should be supported by reliable real-life evidence which illustrates the conveyed point, and not merely to just support it. For instance, if you are
writing an essay on the self-image dangers that are likely to occur to girls when they use social media, an example offered, indicating that girls rank lower on self-esteem assessments is a preferable exemplary evidence, providing evidence such as one that states social media is addictive does not clearly offer the necessary support required to give meaning to the context described. Exemplification essays generally depend on examples that are directly linked to the described context and are capable of conveying rationality of the presented thesis. Without this support, the meaning of the statement becomes vague and unreliable to the reader, undermining the preferred use intended by the writer.

What Is an Exemplification Essay and How to Write It

There are several steps involved that pay concern to the procedure you can use to write down your own exemplification essay. The main point to put in mind is a reliable essay can only be written if you have assessed and picked the valid points in your head. To start with, you are required to pick your stance when a topic is presented to you. Write down at least 5 reasons why you think the side you support is right, and pick the best three points. Perform research and formulate an example for each of the three reasons you have picked. The example offered should have high specificity relating to each reason stated. Finally, go through your selected reasons and starting examples and link them to the bigger picture of life using a single sentence.

Coming up with a first-class exemplification essay requires the writer to utilize the four-step writing procedure. This includes:

Creating an Outline by Brainstorming

The best start is to note down on paper every idea you feel is relevant to the context. This will allow you to make room for other thoughts and ideas that you will use to write down your essay. After writing them down, sort them in the right order to achieve a logical flow of ideas. In the process of organization and preparation of your outline, ensure that you include an introduction at the start and a conclusion at the end. Within the body section, you are required to input your main point of view. Additionally, it should be supported by reliable arguments to give it sense and meaning. The body section should be packed with authentic facts and backed up with relevant resources. To give your essay more meaning, elaboration is vital as you will ensure you closely maintain a reader’s interest.

Writing an introduction

Within the introduction segment, two aspects are covered. This includes the thesis statement and the reader’s hook. You are required to write a short description, inclusive of all the main points of your essay topic. The hook is used to capture the attention of the reader and highlight the idea of the essay.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs lie between the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs is determined by the extent the essay will go in the description of the related context. Before starting to work on your paragraphs, an outline is required to define the articulation of your essay. The contents of the outline should include any aspect that has a strong influence on the work you are about to embark on. Templates that guide your writing can be found online, or you can develop your own. Outlines are of great importance in the organization of thoughts and ideas to create a logical flow within written work.

You are expected to further put details to arguments or information that you outlined briefly in your introduction. The paragraphs are expected to be in order and each idea or explanation with the same narrative should be contained in one paragraph. Give meaning to every word you put down in the paragraphs. In a case where you get a writer’s block, you should take some time off and come back with a fresh mind to work on your content.

The Conclusion

With all the content patched together, the conclusion should branch to all main points you have addressed but should be re-written in different words to avoid repetition of the same wording of the previously written content. This section requires a brief, but precise description of the whole essay content discussed and intended to provide food for thought to the reader. It also should convince the reader that you are confident in what you are discussing and each expression and factual data presented is correct. Focus on using the thesis statement and body paragraph as sources of your summary.

Exemplification Essay Definition

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that provides specified examples related to the topic of discussion to validate a point. The exemplification essay outline format is not different from other types of essays known by you. It still entails an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the body paragraphs should be three, with well-planned points and supporting examples, not forgetting to put more emphasis and focus on the supporting evidence. This will ensure that each point put across maintains its validity and association to the theme context. Below is a structure of an exemplification essay outline that can best describe the required structure of formulating an exemplification essay:


It should be detailed with a hook sentence that catches the reader’s attention. You should use at most three sentences that introduce the subject. Lastly, a thesis statement should be done to give an overview of the topic in question. An exemplification essay thesis should outline the arguments and provide examples to act as proof of support for arguments brought forward.

Second Paragraph

It involves identifying and writing down the first reason in support of the argument posed. It should be followed by an example that firmly supports the argument. Lastly, the discussion of the significance of this example should be done.

Third Paragraph

The second point of reason should be stated in this paragraph, with support to the exemplification essay thesis. Additionally, you should provide at least one support example that relates to the context been written. Finally, conduct a discussion that narrates the significance of this example.

Fourth Paragraph

The third reason in support of the exemplification essay thesis should be argued in this section. A follow-up example that supports this reason should be provided by the writer. Discussion relating to this context should be done to determine the significance of the provided example.


In this section, you are required to state your exemplification thesis statement again, but using different words. The three main claims are summarized in this section. The argument that is generally presented should be linked to the larger picture of life, society, and history.

Remember that when writing an exemplification essay, it is paramount that you stick to the argumentative part of the context and provide enough factual support for each point put across. There are several exemplification essay topics one can choose from online.

Below is an exemplification essay topics list that you can use. The themes will determine your preference from the available exemplification essay topics:


  • Does a college degree still have the same value it had twelve years ago?
  • Should the government institute birth control education as a means of ensuring family planning is upheld in every homestead?
  • Social media and technology trigger low esteem and social anxiety. Agree or disagree.
  • Some of the dynamics of modern society are the reasons for the rising cases of ADHD. Agree/Disagree and discuss.
  • Society teaches children that gender discrimination is allowed. Agree/Disagree
  • We are molded by the past events that occurred before we were even conceived. Agree/Disagree and discuss.
  • Do you agree or disagree that celebrity culture has negatively influenced the young generation?
  • Smoking in public places should be made illegal. Agree/Disagree and discuss.
  • The rise in new technology is putting to an end the presentation of older forms of art and entertainment. Agree/disagree


  • Is it preferable for a student to be alone most of the time, just because his/her rich parents are not around often?
  • It’s preferable for a student to have parents who play their active role in their lives despite being poor. Agree/Disagree
  • Is homeschooling the way to go?
  • Should the SAT exam be formulated without the math section?
  • Give a man power, and he will show you his true nature. Agree/Disagree and discuss.
  • A person character is determined by the friends he/she keeps around and spends most of the time with. Agree/Disagree.


  • The consequences of the slave trade can still be seen today. Agree/Disagree
  • Social media sparks up more problems than the expected benefits. Agree/Disagree
  • Is capitalism the source of major corruption today? Explain.
  • Fake news and the major negative impact it brings around the globe. Explain.
  • The rich people are the saddest and lonely people. Agree/Disagree and discuss.
  • Election campaigns heavily impact the stance of the voters based on what they find beneficial to them as promises are made. Agree/Disagree and discuss.

College Students

  • Is it fair that the religious organizations are exempted from paying tax?
  • To maintain the youth’s healthy living status, junk foods and fast food items need to be heavily taxed. Agree/Disagree
  • Gender biasness has its own effect within a wide range of sectors in society. Agree/Disagree.
  • Legalization of most illegal drugs will boost a nation’s economy and maintain its economic stability
  • Mass murders indicate that mental health needs to be addressed more, and not gun possession. Agree/Disagree.

High school Students

  • Judicial laws should be amended to make animal abuse a felony. Agree/Disagree.
  • Fewer people are concerned with marriage today. Agree/ Disagree
  • Prospective parents should be awarded mandatory parental training classes. Agree/Disagree
  • Spanking should be a form of punishment and allowed by the law. Agree/Disagree

Always remember that the exemplification essay thesis is vital within the introductions, as in the conclusion of your essay. Keep in mind that the body paragraphs should each narrate the arguments, supported with real-life examples, which you aim to discuss with your audience. Using exemplification essay samples will give you the idea of how to write your own essay. You can use the internet to get exemplification essay examples free.

Exemplification Essay Example

“Many sources from the internet explain in their own opinions how man and animal possess the same characteristics in several aspects. Most of the tests are related to the entertainment industry, even though there is still some element of truth within the context. Several theories have been brought forward to explain the origin of the human species. Darwin’s theory of evolution is the most utilized theory. Even though many paradoxes oppose his theory, some part of it has the truth in it. Relating this context to the world of similes, many relate to the animal character to describe a man’s character. Such figurative speech has an evidence-based source. Even though humans are perceived as superior, much of their character and behavior can be traced within the animal traits.

Both humans and animals lave their life with one main agenda being procreation. Within the animal kingdom, a female chooses its mate in many cases as she is entitled to such a vital role in maintaining the species. They aim at choosing a mate with good genes to ensure their offspring is strong and can survive in the wild. For instance, swans choose and stay with one mate for their entire lifetime, this they are very keen at picking a preferable mate. This trait can be seen in humans when they decide to choose a partner. Women carefully choose who to mate and partner with, and they are the ones most concerned with children and family matters. One of the major areas of similarity when it comes to animal and human similarities is motherly love. Looking at the female species within the animal kingdom, most have a superior maternal instinct. For instance, the female octopus sacrifices its need for food or movement from the birthplace until its offspring has been well groomed. Similarly, a woman would sacrifice everything for her child, including her life if it means her child would survive and have a life to live.

Animal traits can be traced in people’s character in various ways. For example, there exists an expression as to be a shark in the business scene. It does not imply that the person will fatally tear people apart; rather it expresses a figurative language. Sharks possess an adaptive trait and are not afraid of a challenge. In comparison to the world of business, there is a regular change of dynamics in the business scene and any involved entrepreneur is expected to adapt to any newly developed forms in the field. Additionally, they should be willing to sacrifice their time and effort to meet set goals, with expectations that there may be a requirement of global trips and overtime working hours. Figuratively, this expresses how businesspeople can be sharks.

There are prevalent common characteristics between man and animal more than what meets the eye. Both species share behavior and character traits that fit their personality. Just like animals, humans are careful on which partner they choose to partner and mate with, or even have pleasure with. Furthermore, women possess a strong maternal instinct and can sacrifice a lot when it comes to the wellbeing of their children. It is evident that most humans if not all, possess animal traits without them knowing about it.”

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