Research report format and its particularities

Research report format and its particularities

Students need different kinds of academic papers. Several of them are absolutely theoretical, and others have an actual use. Be sure, both of these categories are important and valuable for your education. But as differentiated from essays and reviews, practical papers will be useful in your work. One of the academic papers with actual use is research report example.

What is a research report? It is a paper that is concerned about the results of research which was held recently. The process may take a while, but readers require finding out main findings and using them in their own purposes. The main particularities of research format are faithfulness, clarity, and value. Usually, it is helpful for different kinds of science, psychology, engineering, etc. The main task of the research report is to share details about the investigation, which can help to build a new strategy, theory, business plan, etc. Also, people often use research report format to confirm or reject any argument. With relevant research, no one will have doubts about the exact fact, situation, or even hypothesis.Besides academic needs, such analytical papers may help to improve business, demonstrate trends in job hunting. For instance, in banking and investing field research reports are very useful. Experienced analyst or strategist can prepare such a document with relevant information. He may focus on the exact topic, sphere, business field, region, country, etc. Among the most popular questions for such reports are the currency, deposits, and other financial terms.

What is a good way to start a research report

Research report definition is similar to a research paper, but it contains less secondary information and focuses on the main elements of research, such as conditions, findings, conclusion, etc. That’s why writing this kind of task is different from other types of academic papers.

There are 2 main elements of your report to be qualitative: great content and excellent grammar. Both these elements have equal meaning, so you can’t neglect grammar rules or text quality. On the one hand, you risk getting lots of critical notes which decrease the value of your paper even if the content is awesome. On the other hand, the poor text with weak arguments can’t be a part of expert research. Only true balance between these elements can bring you success in a marketing research report.

Research report examples and structure

Each research report should have a clear structure. As differentiated from the traditional essay (like a 5-paragraph essay) you are going to write a quite long paper, so dividing it into sections is vitally important. Without the right structure, your paper will never be readable.

In general, the research report format means the following structure:

  • preliminary materials (including title page, the abstract, and sometimes table of contents);
  • the body of your report (with an introduction, literature overview, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions, and recommendations);
  • supplementary material (these are reference list, bibliography, and appendices).

Use the research report template as your gold standard. Such an approach allows writing paper without common mistakes which are spread among newbies in writing.

How to write a research report

You should focus on your equity research report and follow step by step guide. Our company usually makes such papers all the time and prepared our own how-to for writers. Here it is:

Step #1. Have a look at your task. If you understand what is expected from you then it is great. If you feel you need help, then ask your questions. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but writing a bad research report is much worse. So find out the paper purpose, its audience, topic, format, and special requirements.

Step #2. Make a plan. You need to make thesis statements to continue their descriptions in the body of the research report. Also on this stage don’t be lazy and collect all useful information. Keep your time under control not to miss a deadline.

Step #3. Make your research or use the ready investigation. Your task may include new own research or not, that depends on the professor. The first option is more complicated and requires more time. If you can use someone else’s or ready research, then your job will be easy and fast. Of course, if you have enough experience. Otherwise, you should
ask for professional help.

Step #4. Make a draft. The biggest part of your research report is body, so write each element from introduction to the conclusion with recommendations. Then you should finish additional materials, which supplement your paper and draft title and annotation text.

Step #5. Improve your research report. This is a stage of reading, proofreading, and editing. Find mistakes and misprints, correct weak sentences, and polish your text.

This is the most proper way to create your research report. Besides, it was tested by our team many times and brought only awesome results. Our clients were always satisfied with such exciting and reputable papers.

Research report topics for students

If you can’t find a good topic for your research, you may choose one from our list. Our company often cooperate with students in the USA, Great Britain, and other countries who need high-quality market research report in proper English. So we can share these 10 great topics for your writing:

  • What is the impact of sports on students’ progress in studying?
  • Should people have an opportunity to donate their organs and get the financial reward?
  • Can airports hold more intense checkouts to guarantee the passengers’ safety?
  • What are the main advantages of genetically modified foods?
  • How long-term diet affects your health?
  • Do you agree with the statement ‘Nobody has a future without knowing the past’?
  • Should the country support the church?
  • What is the main evidence of UFO (unidentified flying objects)?
  • How smartphones decrease the kids’ intelligent?
  • How do parent influence on their child’s mental health?

Research paper can be easy if you plan your job and prepare yourself for writing. Be strong and keep doing it in a proper mode! And don’t forget to get qualitative and professional help if you need it right now.

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