The Basic Tips on How to Start Your Essay with a Quote

The Basic Tips on How to Start Your Essay with a Quote

Would you like to find out how to catch the readers` attention and create an impressive essay? Don`t you have any ideas now? Do you wonder how to start the essay with a suitable quotation? Maybe, you need some advice on these questions.

So, in this article, we are going to make a brief overview of the essay that is started with the quote. Let us discuss several basic strategies and recommendations in order to find answers to the mentioned issues.Well, we are going to present different efficient methods on how to motivate people to read your paper up to the end. Keep on studying our general points.

Basic Strategies on How to Start Your Essay

You may not have any exact ideas on how to start various types of essays for high schools or colleges, for example. How to start an analytical or narrative essay? Would you like to know any samples and guidelines to follow? It is quite a frequent case when composing an opening paragraph might be a little bit complex for students. Actually, it is a very significant step in your writing process that ought to be taken correctly.

In fact, try to study all the requirements and key guidelines in detail in order to create an appropriate paper in a necessary format and style. You should check any incomprehensible point by asking your teacher.

Well, according to the accepted fact, one of the most common goals of academic writing is to successfully assure the readers of your point of view. Of course, you ought to base your opinion on the evidence and facts that you have extracted from the profound research. Try to make a thorough study and investigate the topic in- depth.

Think about the following crucial aspects that may help you avoid some errors:

  • Try to make a clear introduction to the subject at the beginning of the essay. Inform the readers about the major idea of the paper.
  • You may choose the best approaches to find the most effective method to explain to the readers the primary issue of the discussion. You can provide a question and suggest the answers that ought to be discussed instantly. Moreover, you might state a thesis. Anyway, perhaps, you may even combine these methods. So, check this info and decide the right variant for you.By the way, can you start your essay with the quotation? Of course, yes. This way is one of the most applicable in order to draw the readers` attention. Remember that your readers should completely comprehend why they ought to keep on reading further.
  • Your key objective here is to convince the readers that the whole paper is worth reading and investigating.
  • You ought to create a clear orientation for the readers. You should include essential data and simplify the readers your arguments by providing some relevant explanations. You may answer the basic questions of what, who, where, when, how and why or include a brief overview of the sources of information that you are going to analyze then.

The Engaging Ways to Start Your Essay

Well, here we are going to present to you several worthwhile ways on how to start a fine essay introduction. How can we capture the readers` attention successfully? Surely, there are a lot of various ways to do it. Let us show some of them.

  • Provide some intriguing or exciting facts about the subject of writing.
  • Motivate the readers to think about the answer after asking the question regarding the topic of your essay. The question should be followed by an immediate answer.
  • Introduce your informative essay with the help of the thesis statement.
  • Try to reveal the subject of writing by using the proper quotations.
  • Write some sentences in order to define and describe the setting of the essay.
  • You may apply the technique of contrast (try to compare the present and past, image and reality, etc.) while writing an argumentative essay.

Useful Tips to Start the Essay

Of course, preparing college essays may be quite a long way, as the projects are long enough. In this case, it is really comfortable to divide the whole task into several components and make an outline in order not to get stuck in the process of writing. Considering step by step might make your work more effective and easy. Let us present to you some beneficial steps for writing an essay with the quotation.

Well, first, you need to prepare thoroughly. Choose the best intriguing topic that you are interested in, if possible. Emphasize the goal of the project and assess the options. Carry out significant research and investigate all the available information sources.

Create a thorough outline and draft in order to structure your thoughts; assort the ideas into particular categories and groups. Try to define the natural connections and links between the thoughts. So, now you may be well-prepared to get started.

Get acquainted with the following general tips:

  • How to begin with the introduction of the essay? Do not forget that your aim is to attract the readers` attention, so you may start with an intriguing language. The right idea is to brainstorm thoughts and include several sentences that can lead to the thesis. Use the most appropriate strategy for you.You may start the essay with the quotation. Use the mind map of your thoughts and arranged ideas and add a thesis. This statement may consist of one or several sentences. The key aim of it is to tell the readers about the argument point that you are going to discuss in the paper. The thesis is usually the last sentence in your introductory part. Nevertheless, it is better to check this info in person.
  • Another important note here is that you might need to return to the introductory section several times. You may rewrite something, change or edit in order to specify the focus more exactly and appropriately after finishing the essay. Be assured that now this part is able to fulfill all the expectations needed.
  • How to start an essay with the quotation? Check the next list of tips on how to start your essay with a quote. Please, note that the quotation ought to fit the purpose and the framework of the essay.
  • Avoid using very familiar quotes, as they may not attract the readers` attention so successfully. Try to be more original and engage your readers.
  • Provide some explanation on how the quotation is linked to the point.
  • Choose a clear and relevant quote.
  • Be assured that the chosen quotation completely fits the style and tone of the academic essay.
  • If you are going to introduce the quotation, you should always acknowledge the source. So, you ought to follow all the specific requirements for various citation styles.

Well, try to make your opening sound direct, clear and specific. Remember to avoid using very general openings, as they can make the essay sound too boring or trivial. Try to impress the reader by the relevant quotation that refers to the subject and takes part in the analysis of the topic. Starting the essay with the quote is a fine tool to set up the appropriate context and achieve all the key goals.

  • How to start the paragraph in the essay? Well, you may need to write the next main body paragraphs then. We should point out that the body paragraphs should have a quite similar basic structure. Of course, we write the main ideas from the outline as the topic sentence in the paragraph. We need to prove these ideas with supporting information. We should support our ideas with actual examples, statistical data or any other necessary details in order to provide reliable links between the ideas and connect every single thought. You may need to write as many body paragraphs as many major ideas you have defined in the outline.
  • How to organize the concluding part of the essay? There isn`t one common formula on how to start the conclusion. The length of this part is supposed to depend on the length of the entire paper and its difficulty.Your mission here is to make a review of the key aspects and include a concluding perspective on the topic. You may write approximately 3-5 powerful sentences and try to make sure that these sentences corroborate the thesis statement and slightly remind the readers about the importance of the subject and the research itself.
  • Remember to check the format, style as well as the organization of the paper. Pay attention to the logical flow of the writing, focusing even on the slightest details. Proofread the whole essay several times and correct all the spelling, punctuation, grammar, stylistic and other types of mistakes.

Basic Things to Remember When Starting an Essay with a Quote

Starting an essay with the proper quotation is not really such an easy thing to do as it may seem. Indeed, you should be quite patient and study all the requirements and peculiarities according to this point. Take into account that you can`t simply add any quotation. You need to search for a lot of sources and try to find exactly what is needed.

The choice to add the famous people`s sayings may not be the most successful when you would like to impress the readers. Alongside this, you may use a quotation from a person who is not very famous. By the way, you may include the part of the lengthy quotation in order not to lose the readers` attention at the beginning of the essay.

Moreover, conduct special research on the historical roots of the quotations before using it in your paper. Learn about the suitable context where this quote was first applied and find out its current meaning. Try to be creative and original enough.

Bottom Line

Well, if you need to start your essay with the quotation, you should study all the available sources, make a deep research and follow all the requirements. Try to polish your essay and do your best. Besides, it is recommended checking some unclear points by asking your teacher, as we may only describe some general facts. And the peculiarities of writing different types of essays may vary. Remember to avoid any type of plagiarism.

So, we hope that these tips may come in handy. Feel free to contact us in case you need any help with your essay writing. Good luck to you!

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