Where to Find Good Synthesis Essay Topics?

Where to Find Good Synthesis Essay Topics?

When students prepare different college papers, they are expected to synthesize information and introduce it in a well-arranged m

anner. Though a synthesis essay demands having numerous skills, writing a good paper without a winning topic is almost impossible. If your teacher didn’t limit you in choosing the idea that is interesting particularly for you, then look at the collection of synthesis essay topics from experienced writers. Here you can easily pick up the topic that meets the requirements of US college and let you get a high degree.

How to Select the Best Topic?

There are two ways to get a topic for a synthesis essay. In the first case, the teacher assigns the topic and expects the student to prepare it exactly. The more progressive teachers and prefer to encourage young people, allow students to choose the topic on their own, without restricting their freedom. If you deal with creative teachers, then you are lucky and have a great chance to explore your own potential and demonstrate your individuality. At the same time, choosing a topic for a synthesis essay is quite a responsible task. It is difficult to find the right focus and keep it when the teacher does not limit the options. If you come across some challenges while choosing the best topic, then consider these effective tips:

  •         The topic must be interesting

What is a synthesis topic? It is the topic that is interesting for the author. Only students who feel inspired towards a chosen idea can really enjoy the process of research and writing the paper; hence a good result is guaranteed.

  •         The topic must be controversial

A winning topic is the one that provoked people either to hesitate or disagree with a discussed option. In case there is an agreement about the topic, then it is useless to choose if for the essay, as it won’t appeal to the target audience.

  •         The topic should not be too broad

Such topics as corruption, global warming, technology, etc., are too broad to be used for a synthesis essay. There are no chances to succeed if you choose something like that. Mind, the less word count of the paper, the more focused topic you should select.

  •         The topic must be negotiable

It is not recommended to select a topic that is neither interesting nor reasonable to investigate. The readers will not like reading the essay that is focused on an obvious matter or the one that is impossible to change. It is better to pay attention to the ideas that come up with incredible potential.

If you still are not sure what topic to choose for your synthesis essay, then do not waste time and have a look at a great collection of the ideas that experienced writers made up to make your life easier. 

100 Trendy Examples of Synthesis Essay Topics

Considering the above tips, this list of trendy synthesis essay topics was created. All ideas are grouped for your convenience, so pick up a relevant group and choose the idea which appeals to you best of all.

Education synthesis essay topics

  1. Should the government make higher education free of charge?
  2. How does the number of students in the class impact their performance?
  3. Should students get the opportunity to direct their education?
  4. Does dress code influence the academic performance of youth?
  5. Can technology completely replace a traditional approach?
  6. Should the athletes get a salary for their performance at college?
  7. Do racial prejudices influence college admission?
  8. Is there a connection between the number of on-campus students and distant learning options?
  9. How is African American Community affected by a school-to-prison pipeline?
  10. Should workers of K-12 schools get permission to have firearms on school grounds?

Global warming topics

  1. Does the American lifestyle impact global warming?
  2. Can the USA take a leading position in solving the issue of global warming?
  3. What is the influence of global warming on the extinction of marine species?
  4. Does the usage of fossil fuels impact global warming?
  5. Are renewable sources of energy and global warming acts a successful effort to address the issue?
  6. How does global warming influence farming?
  7. How does air pollution commit to global warming?
  8. How climate changes influenced the lifespan of people during the last 40 years?
  9. Are conservation efforts to save terrestrial species from extinction because of global warming successful?
  10. How global warming intimidates the Monarch Butterflies population?

Social media essay

  1. Do YouTube ads influence the purchasing decisions of the youth?
  2. Does Facebook encourage people to be less active in real life?
  3. How social networking impacts the academic success of kids at the age of 10-17?
  4. How has the profession of a journalist changed due to the rise of social media?
  5. How is dating affected by social media trends?
  6. Can Facebook harm a person’s privacy?
  7. Do online communities influence the individual’s sense of belonging?
  8. Does Instagram encourage stereotyping?
  9. What is the impact of Instagram on African American girls’ self-representation?  
  10. How does online time impact the general satisfaction of the youth?

Society synthesis essay topics

  1. Should voting in the USA be obligatory?
  2. Should violent content be forbidden for children to watch?
  3. Does U.S. society support women and men, equally?
  4. Should the government make the production and trade of tobacco illegal?
  5. Should the death penalty be canceled in the USA?
  6. Does the workplace impact the workers’ behavior?
  7. What is the way for legislators and educators to deal with the minority groups’ representatives?
  8. How does the current juvenile justice system increase the cases of school-to-prison tendency?
  9. Is the USA known as a society of surveillance due to actions of national security?
  10. Is higher education significant in the context of finding a job position?

Medicine and Heath synthesis ideas

  1. Should insurance deal with alternative medicines?
  2. Should the U.S. government make marijuana legal?
  3. Should all residents of the USA get free access to medical services?
  4. How does poverty affect children’s health?
  5. Can daily activities help people stay healthy and not see a doctor often?
  6. Is the modern healthcare system of the USA sustainable enough?
  7. Should cosmetic procedures be covered with medical insurance?
  8. Should testing new drugs on animals be forbidden?
  9. How does approaching other countries for medicine services describe the US healthcare system? 
  10. Should sugary drinks be forbidden due to destructive effects?

Art and Literature topics

  1. Can online libraries totally replace traditional libraries?
  2. Is there a border between fiction and truth?
  3. What is the role of art in daily life?
  4. Can TV commercials be defined as art?
  5. Is listening to an audiobook better than reading a physical book?
  6. Should TV commercials be recognized as art?
  7. Does musical training impact the concentration on learning?
  8. Does fiction contribute to distracting people from important issues?
  9. Should graffiti be recognized as artwork?
  10. Are current video games a certain type of art?

Morality and Ethics essay topics

  1. Does constant complaining affect an individual’s sense of happiness?
  2. Is it necessary to consider a company’s sustainability before purchasing its goods?
  3. Do people apply too much control over their own future?
  4. Is hard work more important than talent when a person wants to succeed?
  5. Should animals be saved from circus performances?
  6. Is nurture more significant than nature?
  7. Is it necessary to care about the working conditions of the people who make your clothes?
  8. Can wealth make people happier?
  9. Is it reasonable to breed genetically engineered creatures?
  10. Should criminals be allowed to vote?

Technology synthesis topics

  1. What is the impact of a learning machine on business productivity?
  2. How changes in the transportation system can impact technology and a smart city concept?
  3. Does AI contribute to the overproduction problem?
  4. How big money encourages the development of professional athletes from casual game players?
  5. How computer technologies affect the gap between the poor and the rich?
  6. Can drones be recognized as a threat to personal privacy?
  7. What impact does the rise of AI have on technology?
  8. Do violent video games encourage violence in a real-life?
  9. Does technology build-up entertainment culture?
  10. How has the workplace changed due to the development of AI within 5 last years?

Immigration synthesis essay topics

  1. Is it necessary to limit immigration opportunities?
  2. How to supervise online shaming culture?
  3. Does culture contribute to gender inequality in U.S. society?
  4. How does migration influence the economy of the USA?
  5. Do legal immigrants decrease job opportunities for U.S. residents?
  6. How popular body standards influence the youth’s behavior?
  7. How is it possible to become color blind?
  8. Can racial diversity among teachers contribute to racial equality among students?
  9. Can racially diverse communities help representatives of different groups understand each other better?
  10. Is American Dream achievable for the average resident of the USA at present?

Law and Justice system synthesis essay topics

  1. Are poor people more likely to end up in prison?
  2. Should the constitution of the USA be interpreted literally or be treated as a living document?
  3. Why do African American men prevail in the American justice system?
  4. Is it necessary to legalize prostitution?
  5. Does current law influence racial minorities?
  6. How to solve the problem of prison overcrowding?
  7. Should the American justice system rehabilitate or punish the offenders?
  8. Are current checks still effective for preventing power abuse?
  9. What is the impact of African Americans’ over-representation for the African American community?
  10. What must a government do to prevent shooting at schools?

Tips on Proper Formatting of Synthesis Essay

What should a synthesis essay have? Besides the traditional five paragraphs (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion), it must have proper formatting. It depends on the specific style that you are going to use. Choosing among APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, you should strictly follow the basic requirements and do your best to avoid Plagiarism issues. How do you write an introduction for a synthesis essay? You should hook the readers, provide background information, and include a thesis statement.


You can easily choose the best idea of listed synthesis essay topics depending on your own preferences if the teacher didn’t restrict your creative freedom. If you still feel too nervous to start, then look at some great examples. What is an example of a synthesis? It is the paper that contains synthesized data to help the target audience see the links between things. Explore a chosen topic well before writing, and keep in mind professional tips to make the process less challenging. 

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