Causes of the Cold War: Essay Writing

Causes of the Cold War: Essay Writing

The cold war essay is a description of the power standoff between the United States of America, and the Soviet Union. Many students feel challenged by this type of essay. However, by following the right steps and guidelines, it is very easy to ace this type of essay. Understanding that the cold war essay is based on real-life happenings and factual data should be enough for the student to conduct research. This is vital in ensuring they are conversant with the narrative and can support each argument they put across.

When writing an essay on cold war, each argument that you put across should be supported by real-life proof or statistical data. For instance, when you are writing about the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, support your argument with real facts such as the Soviet Union’s move that led to that particular crisis. Moreover, add more information to make your work standout due to the validity of your data, and the information supporting it. For example, mention about the United States’ spy mission to determine if the Soviet Union had ballistic missiles, capable of carrying nuclear freights. The cold war essay will only make sense to the reader if examples provided are factual and in line with the truth of the context. Rationality should be conveyed when writing the essay. Without the necessary support provided for the written statements, the work loses meaning to the reader.

Cold War Essay Introduction

A format is required to define the structure of your essay, which will ensure there is a logical flow of ideas. When brainstorming for cold war essay topics, make sure you come up with a catchy and interesting topic for the reader. To keep it exciting, find a hook phrase that will impress the reader to continue reading your masterpiece. Choose a topic whose subject matter will be interesting. You should engage the target audience throughout the reading process. The sources you plan to use should be reliable, and have a central focus on your theme for research. Thorough research is required before writing down your draft. For assistance, create an outline that will be the backbone of all the content you plan to write. For all points you argue, support them with reliable information to give your work meaning and a sense of direction. After creating your draft, go through it and edit any grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. Any source used should be cited accordingly, from the in-text citation to the reference written on the last page.

Cold War Topics for an Essay

There are several cold war essay questions that one can get through research, or even define an original one. Several themes that describe segments of the cold war can be useful in determining a topic of discussion from your essay. When planning to write a cold war thematic essay, research on the themes that describe the cold war. The themes include: Origins of the cold war, post-war Germany and Berlin, the red scare and McCarthyism, Kennedy; Cuba, and the missile crisis, and the end of the cold war are very useful themes. Each listed theme above can bring out argumentative points of view, which will be helpful in writing a cold war thematic essay.

Thematic essays require the writer to explore the central theme that will be focused on. Several guidelines can be used to ensure you that you find the right theme that will be relevant when writing your cold war thematic essay. Some of these guidelines may include summarizing the literature to remain with valid points that fit your requirements. After this, pick the most prevalent subject relating the theme of your work. After picking a preferable subject for your theme, focus on the main point that needs to be driven across. Lastly create an overall overview that will help the reader understand the direction of the narrative, as well as realize your thought process and point of view.

Below is an outline sample that can be used to structure the cold war essay. Your format template should be in line with the following format:

  • Introduction

Begin by giving your target audience historical facts and any relevant data that explains the causes of the cold war. You should begin with a narrative that is interesting to the reader. A thesis statement is needed in the introduction. It should address arguments that are related to the chosen topic, and be captivating enough to keep the reader interested in reading it.

  • Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should address an argument that relates to the chosen topic. For each argument, support it with factual and statistical data to give it meaning, and make it reasonable enough for the reader to consider it. address aspects that give the direction of your essay, such as what caused the cold war. Adding a summary statement at the end of each argument is an added advantage. It gives an overview of what the argument was based on.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is a very important part of the essay and should be addressed should start with a restated thesis statement that was described in the introduction. The general summary in a cold war essay conclusion should give an outline of the body paragraphs and identifying each point of argument. This will give the reader some food for thought.

What Caused the Cold War: Essay

This type of essay on cold war involves identifying the underlying, immediate and intermediate causes of the cold war. The written essay should stick to the framework defined by the topic and consider the same outline used in writing a general cold war essay.

Below is a sample of a Cold war essay

“Several underlying causes contributed to the era of the cold war. In an ideological perspective, the United States and the Soviet Union were a representation of two contrasting structures of government. Unlike the Soviet Union, the United States elected their government, based on free and fair elections. In an economic perspective, the United States wanted to encourage free trade globally. The Soviet Union, however, closed their borders from international trade. These differences created the antagonistic aspect between the two countries. Relating to power rivalry, it had to be shared between the Soviet Union and the United States because both wanted to dominate the other and there was a big point of conflict that could only be resolved through power sharing.

The emerging conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States began during the conferences that were held to advocate for peace. The situation intensified after President Truman declared the marshal plan in 1947 and introduced the Truman doctrine. There were several immediate causes that led to the cold war. Widening of the Russian power in Europe indicated that The Soviet Union had expanded its influence within Europe before the end of World War II. The anticipated war of 1945 made the Soviet Union unite her control over Eastern Europe. It all started with the red army influencing the post-war elections. This made the communist gain a stronger stance and by late 1946, with the French and Italian communist garnering the most powerful parties in their respective countries.

Response reaction by the United States: Even though the Russian influence was expanding from eastern to central Europe politicians in the United States were optimistic about creating a relationship with the Soviet Union, and this reduced the resistance directed to them as they were expanding. However, in 1945, the policy was changed and the United States put up a front of strong resistance against Russia.

Bad relations between the United States and the Soviet Union: The poor relations between the two states were mirrored by two unique incidences that occurred within that period. The United States terminated the land lease agreements without warning, and when the Russians requested economic aid to cater for the post-war reconstruction, the request was never considered and was ultimately ignored. This had a prevailing effect to the Soviet Union because, during the second world war, the United States had a lend and lease program that ally countries utilized to gain war material, stopping this program left the Russians without alternatives.”

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