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Essay on Def Leppard - Pyromania

Working Up to Fame (Background) In 1977, vocalist Joe Elliot and bass guitarist Rick Savage began to form the band that would become Def Leppard in Sheffield, England. They wanted to avoid working in factories and they felt that music was their ticket out of such a lifestyle. They initially…

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The Best Monster and Alien Showdowns Essay

Have you ever watched a monster movie just for the showdown at the end? I think we all have. Here are the monster clashes that I thought were among the best. The only criteria was that there were at least two monsters or monstrous aliens involved. I hated to leave…

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Essay About Nontraditional Paths to College Credits

Friendly Options for Nontraditional Students Is the lack of a college degree holding you back at work? Sometimes you know you can do the job, but nobody will let you try until you show them a piece of paper from a university. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend four years…

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