The Best Monster and Alien Showdowns Essay

Have you ever watched a monster movie just for the showdown at the end?

I think we all have. Here are the monster clashes that I thought were among the best. The only criteria was that there were at least two monsters or monstrous aliens involved.

I hated to leave out Star Wars, but those creature battles were lopsided and short lived. And…

Freddy vs Jason- Freddy Kruger, the dream stalker, was forgotten about. If no one dreams or hears his name before they do, he disappears. Well, we couldn’t have that could we? So, Freddy searched the bowels of Hell and found the spirit from Crystal Lake, Jason Vorhees. Jason served his purpose to Freddy but then, he would get out of the way. The ending awesome! But since they were both mortals once, they really don’t fit here.

Here are the 13 best ever!

13. War of the Gargantuas- 1966 – this was low budget but had a few great battles in it. The ending was cool.

12. T-Rex vs the Spinosaurus – From Jurasic Park 3. This was cool but did not last that long. It should have gone a little longer at least.

11. The Hulk vs. The Hulk Dog- The Hulk did not have too much trouble with the pit bulls, but that french poodle gave him quite a fight! The movie was weird but this battle was fun.

10. The Predator vs the Zenomorph a.k.a. Alien- In a remote part of space, there was a planet of savages that worshiped the predator. As a sacrifice, they gave the predator race a gift. The opportunity to hunt the Zenophorph from the Alien movies. I loved it when the Predator went at the alien with his staff and other weapons. This was a bad movie, but a cool battle.

9.The Hulk vs. Abomination- Tim Roth played an evil soldier bend on power and destruction.He finally became the science project that he wanted to be. Since he failed to become Capt. America, he settled to be an evil beast that only The Hulk could stand up to. I loved it when the Hulk ripped a car in half and made boxing cloves with them!

8. Frankenstein’s Monster vs Larry Talbot a.k.a. the Wolfman- This is from the 1943 movie when Bella Lugosi played the monster. He starred along side the monster as Dracula and Igor several times. But this was the only time that the Hungarian Ghoul played the monster. Since Lon Chaney Jr. was so big, they gave Bela 2 elevator shoes and over 60 lbs of body padding. This was an epic fight that should have lasted longer!

7. A werewolf and Frankenstein’s Monter vs. Count Dracula and his wives- From Van Helsing (2004) Hugh Jackman was bitten, and became friends with Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. he used his power and new friendship to defeat some very powerful and evil enemies.

6. Godzilla vs King Ghidorah- You had to know that Godzilla was going to surface. He almost owned this list. King Ghidorah was cool with his lighting bolts, but no match for the Alpha Monster!

The fantastic five!

5. Godzilla vs Smog Monster- The Smog Monster spit out a nasty, toxic, black acid that almost killed our favorite beast from below. He also had red eyes that shot laser beams at his target. Even Godzilla had his hands full.

4. The T-Rex vs The Raptors- During a lucky break break for humans, the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, turn on each other.

3. Godzilla vs. Mothra- Mothra was probably the coolest of them all. There wasn’t anything special about her, but she just seemed to match Godzilla perfectly.

2. Godzilla vs. Moto (2014 ) The best part of the battle was after the Tokyo Terror destroyed the smaller male, when he took on the female.This went to the ocean and Godzilla ended it when he stole a move from his old pale, King Kong. He opened her mouth and became the largest bug zapper ever! Speaking which….

Here is number 1!

1. King Kong vs 2 Dinosaurs- Though the outcome was never really in question, this was an awesome and fierce battle from beginning to end. The King of Skull Island proved his might!

Tell me some of your favorites!

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