Education research topics: 30+ great ideas for your paper

Education research topics: 30+ great ideas for your paper

It is not an easy task to teach how to teach. However, this is an opportunity to improve the system and change something to better. Pedagogical and psychological disciplines are going deeper to find new and more effective approaches for modern education. That is why numerous research works are aimed at finding solutions for modern educational issues.

However, it is important to direct your research efforts on the right path. You should come up with education research topics that will help to improve the educational performance considering realities today. We have prepared a list of topics that are relevant to the current state of the world’s educational system and will disclose important and compelling issues.

30+ Great education research topics

  1. How to stimulate the development of the critical thinking of the students, and why is it important?
  2. How the educational approaches evolved with time?
  3. Upsides and downsides of using modern technologies in education today.
  4. How can we use virtual reality in the educational process?
  5. What are the main features of modern educational methods?
  6. What are the upsides and downsides of sex education at schools?
  7. Pros and cons of the schools with separate and mixed-gender education?
  8. Theory and practice in the educational process.
  9. What level of education is considered basic in various countries?
  10. What are the significance of preschool education for developing social and learning skills?
  11. Should today, education focus on developing emotional and social intelligence as well?
  12. How can educational discrimination affect the future of students?
  13. What should we know about the challenges people with mental disabilities face.
  14. Comparative analysis of the pupil performance in inclusive and non-inclusive classes.
  15. It the current grade system suitable for modern educational realities?
  16. How to motivate and encourage pupils?
  17. Comparative analysis of the modern and classical approach to education.
  18. How bullying and other social issues can affect the educational atmosphere?
  19. To what extent should parents be involved in the school activities and educational processes in general?
  20. Is there any final point in education, or is it a lifetime activity?
  21. Is it right to censor education or we should provide all the info about life realities students want to know?
  22. Is the dress code at school’s fit today’s social and cultural realities?
  23. How disciplined affects the educational process: makes it better or more complicated?
  24. The access of information: how to help students to filter the information?
  25. Why is it important to maintain the authority of the teacher?
  26. What crucial features should every modern teacher have?
  27. How can education and religion coexist in modern realities? How can we fulfill the needs and peculiarities of religious students?
  28. Internet as a source of educational information: how can we teach students to use it safely?
  29. What are the downsides of standardized testing? Why can it be considered as a hidden cast system?
  30. How can schools get a license for private education?
  31. The most famous universities: how they gained their reputation and what makes them great now?
  32. What are the main approaches that can be used in alternative education?
  33. Should school education be involved in developing personal morals, or is it the task for family upbringing?
  34. How can a teacher be prepared for issues in multicultural classes?
  35. What other roles of the teacher except for the education in schools?
  36. How to deal with violence at schools and how to overcome its harm?

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