Ethical Dilemma Essay: Worthwhile Topics and General Overview

Ethical Dilemma Essay: Worthwhile Topics and General Overview

Ethical issues are often around us. They are particular questions and areas of life that are usually quite complex and contradictory at the same time. These ethical problems are thought-provoking and ambiguous too. People need to solve several points and decide the right answer for them. That is why the ethical dilemma essay should mainly contain a controversial subject and a topic for the possible discussion.

Have you ever thought about such an ethical aspect as honesty or, maybe, fairness? What do they mean for each of us? It is obvious that we understand some ethical principles and even know exactly how to behave in this or that possible situation. We can strictly follow the standard and accepted principles, we may find the flaws in somebody`s attitude or relationship.However, it is always much more difficult to define your own drawback or improper reaction. Besides, it is really complicated to respect all the conventional principles and rules when we are talking about the sense of duty and your personal interests, moral attachment, etc. For instance, what should you do if you know that your colleague and simultaneously your close friend has illegally provided some confidential data to the third party? The answer may vary, as it is not so obvious and simple for people.

Well, we see our mission in presenting several crucial ideas and strategies in order to help you in the process of writing an ethical dilemma essay. Of course, you should study this topic in detail, as you ought to know all the requirements and peculiarities of form and format. So that try to study all the available info and check everything by asking your teacher.

In this article, we are going to make a brief overview of such types of academic essays as well as share some thrilling ideas with you. If you need some professional help with your ethical dilemma essay, feel free to contact us.

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The Aim of the Ethical Dilemma Essay

The students may usually need this essay for the academic Ethics paper. Here you should discover specific moral issues. As an ethical dilemma essay deals with conflicting and controversial topics, this means that you should apply all the skills of writing in a very convincing and persuasive tone.

Would you like to find any appropriate topics or ideas to research, discuss and define? You may need the topic for different purposes. You may have to perform and make a speech, include some subtopics to expand your essay, etc.

Here below there is a list of some worthwhile topics to investigate.

The List of Moral Ethical Dilemma Essay Topics

Let`s present to you a schedule of some ideas to use when creating a moral dilemma essay.

  • The prosperous nations should provide shelter for refugees from other regions of the world.
  • The humankind ought to consider the possible colonization of other parts of the galaxy.
  • Nuclear weapons should be abandoned by all the countries
  • Animal testing is not moral.
  • Fur and leather clothes ought to be banned by law.
  • The news shouldn`t be especially distorted by the journalists, intending to surprise the public.
  • It is not moral to eat animal flesh, as they are living species.
  • The land ownership is an immoral concept.

Ethical Dilemma Essay Discussion

Here you may get acquainted with some ethical issues. Please, note that they are only the short extracts, so it may be quite beneficial to look at the flow of the writing, the direction of thoughts and arguments. Focus on the deep research of the topic to create a successful writing piece and, of course, follow all the requirements.

Let us discuss the next topics:

Can Young People Do Plastic Surgery?

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers have got their favorite celebrities or even idols. Sometimes the young adolescents may try to copy the appearance of some role models in a very radical way. Young people often do not understand the terrible consequences to their health. The situation is also aggravated by the media that may advertise this service insistently. Teenagers may have some particular personality traits, such as stubbornness, for example, they have not got enough life experience yet, so it is really important to explain the young people and expound everything very carefully and with patience.

However, there are some situations when plastic surgery may be virtually the only option: after the terrible accidents, injuries, etc., when a person should save or improve his/her appearance. Usually, people take recourse to plastic surgeries in case there are no other alternatives after the disastrous events.

So, try to study all the sides of the topic and express the ideas logically and reasonably.

How to Cope with School Bullying?

We all know about this horrible problem. What can we do to protect the children from being bullied at school, for example? Bullying is an evident demonstration of intolerance and anger. Of course, all the problems in the children`s relationships have a strong influence on their productivity at school and psychological state. The goal is to prevent acts of bullying and protect the victims and witnesses if there has already been a recorded case of violence.

The paramount task is to monitor and control the children`s behavior and analyze it professionally. The adults should help the children build trustful relationships and react without delay. The adults ought to prevent the emergence of strong negative feelings and possible conflicts among the children. In case of necessity, the children have to consult a psychologist or psychotherapist, if needed.

The adults can reduce the level of stress and moral tension among the children. It is not always simple, however, the children should feel safe and happy and the responsibility is particularly on the adults. Children can try to conceal some negative situations, but we should get in a trustworthy contact in order to solve the problem.

So, it is a very sophisticated topic, so if you have chosen it, try to reveal this moral issue deeply.

Can the Media Provide the Audience with the Fake News?

Have you ever noticed that even some credible info sources may provide fake news or empty gossips? We may discover this issue in the ethical dilemma essay in detail.

Well, of course, the newspapers, glossy magazines, etc., are the kind of business, like any other, like supermarkets or gift shops. This means that the media companies have to earn money and not to become bankrupt or lose the workplace one day. Sometimes these companies produce inaccurate or even deliberately false information with the target of catching the people`s attention with the help of shocking news. Websites, TV channels and many other sources of content may show what the audience might want to hear, but not the truth. Can we consider this practice admissible? In what cases? Should the media be an independent source of information? What about advertising? How to keep balance and supply the people with the right data?

So, if you are interested in this problem, try to study this topic thoroughly and cover the issue from different aspects.

Let`s Make a Conclusion

Well, while writing an ethical dilemma essay, you may add the supplementary information in the parentheses. It is usually called as in-text citations. If you cite some sources in your paper, remember to list them in the References list at the end of the academic paper. However, do not plagiarize. Check your essay several times and edit, if needed.

Surely, you ought to apply critical thinking and cover both sides of the coin. The dilemma essay is a way to discuss and compare different opinions and approaches. So that it might be quite challenging to completely discover the topic, however, it is really a thought-provoking and intriguing task.

Please, pay attention to all the official requirements and check every single unclear point by asking your teacher. Anyway, we are always ready to help you create a perfect ethical dilemma essay.

We hope our tips will be useful to you. Good luck to you!

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