Top List of Great Personal Essay Topics for Students

Top List of Great Personal Essay Topics for Students

A personal essay is a typical academic assignment assigned at high school and college. This standard writing task is a non-fiction work that requires a certain writing style. There is a huge variety of writing styles that can be used. Besides, there can be lots of personal essay topics. Mostly, the named topics cover some personal issues, real-life stories, individual experiences, and opinions of different people. Often, writers share their personal experiences in their essay papers. They often express their thoughts on the particular subject that matters. It is great when a student can combine the proper narration and required opinion together. It shows how crucial a great paper is to share your point of view in proper words. You need to be ready to reveal and even analyze some facts from your life. Moreover, it is great when you focus on some important issues. It makes the writing more concentrated and convenient.

How to Perform an Excellent Personal Essay Fast

When you tend to perform a great personal essay, be ready to pay attention to details. Be aware, personal writings remain subjective. Thus, you should use personal observation, opinion, feelings, and experience. You are the teller of the story. It is proper to use lots of pronouns like I, me, my, we, and ours. Once dealing with the basic content tips, be ready to pay time to come up with great ideas for a topic. It is a challenging process, in fact. Still, it is very crucial for your paper’s performance.

You should propose a compelling personal essay topic once focusing on the next matters:   

  • The opinion on a particular issue;
  • The opinion on a piece of literature;
  • The retelling of the story;
  • The description of an event, person, or place;
  • The link between some subject and your life.

Regardless of the selected topic, you must start your essay with an attention-grabbing introduction. It should contain some hook sentences to keep the reader’s attention high. The topic introduction is included in this section. Besides, you need to write down a thesis of a statement in the introduction part as well. The body part should contain the main information on the subject and the basic discussions. Be ready to organize this section properly. Often, it is beneficial to come up with a good outline. It can be used as an effective writing plan. Every new idea must cover a separate paragraph. Thus, it will be easier for a reader to navigate your text. The conclusions must be thought-provoking. Explain the life lesson learned and show how it influenced you and turned into the person you are now.

Reasons Why Selecting Persuasive Essay Topics

When completing a personal persuasive essay, the focus of the paper is on your opinion and position towards the subject. You should persuade a reader to share your point of view. It is preferable to appeal to the reader’s feelings and emotions once telling your story. When dealing with a personal argumentative essay, strong arguments for supporting your point of view are required. These essay types are quite challenging for undergraduates. Besides, they require strong and attention-grabbing topics. Still, there are lots of important issues why you should pay attention to the mentioned essay types’ topic selection:

  • The improvement of critical thinking and communication skills;
  • The chance to be prominent with your challenging subject chosen;
  • The opportunity to reveal your creativity and exceptional ideas.

You can come up with a bunch of ideas for personal essay topics. At the same time, we may give you some additional thoughts on how to end up with an excellent topic.

Personal Essay Topics – What to Write About

You can select any topic for your paper. The most important thing is to choose the topic you are interested in talking about. Feel free to choose personal essay topics about travel, hobbies, childhood memories, difficult life choices, learning experiences, family, friends, or relationships. There is no limit to the topics you can select. You can easily decide on telling about overcoming personal challenges and life obstacles. The topic you select must be good for you to reveal your point of view. Check the following personal essay topics to come up with your interesting and attention-grabbing essay theme.

  • The most special person in your life;
  • The most admired person you have met;
  • The best place in your neighborhood;
  • The breathtaking works of art;
  • The career of your dream;
  • The biggest disappointment of your life;
  • The life-changing books and movies;
  • The people’s habits that annoy you;
  • Your family traditions and customs;
  • The modern technology in your life;
  • The up-to-date songs that inspire you;
  • The effect of commercials on your choices;
  • The best study technique to learn languages.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  • Your first memorable trip abroad;
  • The saddest moment of your life;
  • The most unfortunate event;
  • Your first day in school experience;
  • The first childhood memory;
  • The most unforgettable family event;
  • Personal thoughts on how to overcome a failure;
  • The biggest life challenge to overcome;
  • The most memorable children games and hobbies;
  • Your first birthday party memory;
  • The way you learn new information;
  • Your first meeting with a wild animal;
  • Your first experience of staying home alone;
  • Your first dish cooked.

Personal Experience Topics

  • Your experience of helping other people;
  • Your experiment of volunteering;
  • The best way to overcome fear;
  • The things that make you feel happy;
  • The way you celebrate Christmas in family;
  • The first animal you brought home;
  • The way to develop healthy eating habits;
  • The way you learned to drive;
  • The first famous person you met;
  • The saddest accident you witnesses;
  • The most catastrophic event in your life;
  • The breathtaking concerts you visited;
  • The worst trip or vacation in your life;
  • The most terrifying nightmare you had;
  • The things that made you motivated;
  • The leadership experience;
  • A friendship failure experience.

Personal Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The things you cannot live without;
  • The most concerning environmental issues;
  • The ethical principles you follow;
  • The way money influences your happiness;    
  • Your attitude towards feminism;
  • The basic family principles;
  • Male and female roles in your family;
  • The link between happiness and wealth;
  • The way you see fashion’s importance;
  • The healthy lifestyle significance;
  • The most exciting holiday destination;
  • The personal growth importance.

College Personal Essay Topics

  • The first love feelings in your life;
  • Your key life goal and its achievement;
  • The meaning of success for you;
  • The comfort zone and way to avoid it;
  • Best things in your existence;
  • The things you hate the most;
  • Life with your college roommates;
  • The best way to apply for a first job;
  • How to learn from failure;
  • The most exciting outdoors activities;
  • The importance of commitments;
  • Your life motivators.

Personal Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Your opinion on online education and distance learning;
  • The effect of music on the ability to complete homework faster;
  • Hobbies that can be turned into a real career;
  • The ethical side of buying fur;
  • The importance of volunteering;
  • The danger of drug usage in teenagers;
  • The best way to save the planet;
  • Reasons to forbid zoos these days;
  • The things that help to avoid stress;
  • The pros and cons of online shopping;
  • Reasons why to stop smoking;
  • Main things to achieve in your life.

Personal Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Reasons why to stop watching TV;
  • Reasons to prefer healthy habits and sports;
  • Effect of social media on your socialization skills;
  • The way a failure makes you stronger;
  • The books and films that changed your life;
  • The reasons to study computer programming;
  • The importance of foreign languages for a career;
  • The single-child family experience;
  • The link between regular activities and wellbeing;
  • The way college help you to grow like a person;
  • The reasons of people losing their motivation;
  • How pets can make your life better;

Feel free to use any of the offered personal essay topics. You can use the list of provided topics or simply ideas to create your attention-grabbing and important essay topics. Remember, with a good topic, and you will be able to succeed in academic writing easily.


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