My First Reflective Essay

My First Reflective Essay

“I have got the overpowering responsibility of composing my first reflective essay, I sat motionlessly while my hands were shaking over the keyboard. Where should I start? How should I finish it? There were many ideas and plans in my head that scare me because I didn’t know
how to combine them all in one perfect reflective essay.”

Reflective articles are such types of compositions that seem very simple, but still very troublesome to compose simultaneously. In other words, reflective articles develop a crucial analysis of life experience, and with the proper direction, they aren’t so complicated to unite. A reflective article is similar to a diary record, but other people will be viewing it, that’s why it should possess a correct deal of construction and a proper formation. In this connection, a reflective article is very similar to any different type of essay.

In the following article, we examine every step of how to make up an excellent reflective essay, additionally how to make a proper structure and different tips on the writing process. Hope this article will encourage you and will be valuable for those who need assistance in writing a reflective essay.

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The Proper Formatting

In a reflective article, an author principally considers life happenings. Therefore, it is called ‘reflective’. The goal of composing a reflective article is to present the ability for the writer to not just narrate a singular life happening, yet to additionally investigate how this person has grown or acquired from these happenings. A reflective essay can be provided in different formatting. However, you can often view it in a diary record. Diary records particularly are applied to display how the writer’s views have progressed and developed throughout a special time.

The formatting of a reflective article can be changed according to the target readers. Reflective articles can be educational or can be a component of broad writing for a journal, for example. For school tasks, the display formatting can change; the goal usually endures the same: teachers want to encourage learners to consider strongly and critically about a singular education happening or several happenings. Below are various common samples of reflective article formatting that you need to compose:

  • Focusing on individual development: This kind of reflective article is usually applied by teachers as an approach for assisting learners in determining how to analyze their individual life happenings to encourage emotional development. The article provides the learner a bigger knowledge of both themselves and their behaviors.
  • Focusing on the literature: This type of article expects learners to present a review of the literature, after which it is adapted to the learner’s personal life happenings.

What Should I Write About

When you decide on the content of your article, you should remember that a reflective article is deeply individual and directed at attracting the attention of the target audience. That’s why a reflective article is more than just narrating a story. You should display an ability to consider your happening by explaining how it changed your following behaviors and how your existence has been particularly changed in conclusion.

In the beginning, you can remember about different significant happenings in your existence that has influenced you, both positively and negatively. Here are common reflection article themes: a true experience, an imaginary experience, a unique thing or area, a personality who influenced you, or something you have viewed. If you are composing a reflective article as an element of an educational task, there is a chance that your teacher will propose you to concentrate on a special happening, for example, a situation where you had to accept a significant solution and display the results. Remember, additionally, that the result of the happening is particularly significant in a reflective article; if you skip it, you will provide just narrating stories.


It seems clear. However, the reflective process creates the essence of composing this kind of article, that’s why you must prepare it correctly from the start. You should consider how the individual happening you have selected influenced or developed you. Apply your recollections and impressions of the happening to display the results for you on an individual level.

When you’ve selected the theme of your article, you need to spend a lot of time studying it thoroughly. Take notes about all things you can memorize about it, explaining it as obviously and completely as you can. Don’t forget to apply adjectives to explain your happening. At this step, you can just write down brief sentences. However, you should be confident that you’re writing your answers, thoughts, and experience of the situation(s).

When you’ve fortunately cleared your mind, you should begin reflecting. An excellent technique to achieve this is to choose different reflection issues that will assist you to consider better about the influence and lasting results of your happening. We provide several helpful issues that you can view:

  • What have you discovered about yourself as an outcome of the happening?
  • Have you changed as a result of it? How?
  • Did it bring a positive or negative impact on your existence?
  • Watching in the past, what would you have executed in another way?
  • Why do you consider you executed the specific decisions that you made? Do you consider these the correct decisions?
  • What are your opinions on the happening generally? Was it a valuable knowledge? What particular abilities or viewpoints did you obtain as a consequence?

These issues should assist in starting your reflective process. Keep in mind, questioning yourself lots of issues is the solution to be sure that you consider strongly and critically about your happenings. This skill is at the core of composing an excellent reflective article.

Remember applying principles of deliberation before, during, and after the education process to be sure that you keep a high-quality type of essay. For instance, before you have difficulties with the process, view issues such as: what might occur (concerning the happening)? Are there any potential difficulties to hold in memory? What familiarity is required to be best qualified to approach the happening? Next, as you’re preparing and composing, the following issues can be valuable: what is occurring within the education process? Is the process of accomplishing out as required? Am I coping with the difficulties well? Is there something that requires to be accomplished additionally to be sure that the educational process is good? What am I receiving from this? By accepting such a structure, you can be confident that you are following your reflective process that should be the basis of your task.

The Outline

Here’s very helpful advice: even if you know what to write about, do not begin composing your article until you have prepared a full, excellent outline. Your essay will be more understandable, your thoughts are carried with structure and accuracy, and it will probably obtain only positive grades.

It is a particularly significant stage when you’re dealing with a reflective article. There is a tendency for people to get lost or disorganized as they narrate their life happenings in a messy and usually chaotic way. However, if you create a full plan and be sure you follow it, everything is going to be excellent as you start on the final stage of composing your article. We’ve prepared the fundamental advantages of making a complete article plan here:

  • A plan lets you discover the main items that you intend to include in your essay. This is excellent for assisting you in skipping any unnecessary data.
  • Consider the plan as a draft – you outline the details you want to operate through and present in your essay. Your paper will be like a clear line of thinking, understandable for the target audience. It’ll additionally assist you not to forget any significant data. You don’t need to return at the end to include it.
  • You will save your time! As the plan assists as the writing’s sketch, you’ll preserve a large volume of time when composing as you’ll know what you desire to tell. Thus, you can spend additional time on correcting the essay to guarantee its high-quality.

Now you know the advantages of applying a plan for your reflective paper, you must understand how to make it. It can be totally diverse from another common article plan, often because of the diverse topics. But what is still unchanging is that you should begin your plan by composing the introductory part, main part, and summing-up. Extra information is presented hereinafter.

The Introductory Part: As every writing, your reflective article starts within an introductory part that includes both a hook and a research argument. The aim of a hook is to attract the consideration of your readers at the start. You need to represent the interesting features of your narrative in the introductory section so that you have the best opportunities for catching your audience’s attention. Return to the first citation of this guidance – did it catch your interest and inspire you to view further? The research argument is a short review of the center of the article, which in this situation is a special happening that changed you. Keep in mind to provide a fast summary of your happening, but don’t present too much data as you venture your target audience is losing interest.

The Main Part: The next step is to prepare the main part of your article. It can be the most difficult section of the whole essay. Have you ever attempted describing a narrative to a pal only for them to say you need to make the long narrative shorter? The solution is to spend much time and energy into preparing the main part, and you can use the next hints:

  1. Attempt using a sequential strategy. This type of strategy will guarantee that your essay is well-organized and logical. Remember that a reflective article doesn’t certainly need to be direct; however, accomplishing it sequentially will stop you from presenting a random memory of your happening. Provide the necessary details of your happening in a timeline, and this will help you understand how to unit your story.
  2. Be sure that the main part of your reflective article includes proper analysis and consideration. The main part should not just review your happening; it should examine the influence that the happening has had on your existence, as well as the life lessons that you have received. The stress should usually be on reflection. A reflective aspect will not only present to people comprehension of your happening, it’ll highlight your character and display your knowledge to handle special events.

The Summing-up. In the summing-up of your reflective paper, you need to focus on the unite the entire essay together by presenting a review of all the items done and what you have studied as a result. Attempt to add several details on why and how your opinions and behaviors have been developed. Think additionally about how your personality and abilities have been changed. Remember that your teacher will be viewing proof of reflection at a high standard.

Our congratulations – now you know to write a powerful and excellent reflective essay. This article will ease your writing process.

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